Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

 Mother's Day Weekend turned out pretty special. Even though we had some really hard moments due to a couple of significant parenting challenges throughout the weekend, I felt blessed and grateful. I was reminded that being a mama is tough but that I am loved and appreciated and needed. It was a mostly sweet weekend.

We kicked things off Friday night by celebrating me! So thankful to be their mama!!

These 4 took me out to eat and while we waited for our food they gave me their cards and presents. Melt my heart. Everything was so sweet. And a new little tradition seems to have started with Terrell... a gift to me of shopping alone. Yes please!! I'm pretty sure this is the 3rd year he's given me shopping money for Mother's Day and promised me we'll find a time when I can go by myself. I probably go shopping for myself, alone about twice a year so it's a BIG deal.  #myfavorite  =)

We even got dessert! It was a fun night out with my guys and I loved their little celebration of me.  

Garrison had a game Saturday and we won! His team's record is 4-2-1 (even though we like to count the tie as a win =)). I'm sort of thankful for similar seasons for the big boys. I'm especially thankful they've both enjoyed baseball so much. We're winding down the season and looking forward to a break from sports for a while! (At least mama is!! Ha!)

We went out with Terrell's parents Saturday night and had a fun evening celebrating with Nana. We ate sooo good this weekend and had the best time with our moms.  

Mother's Day with my babies!

Once we got to church and made sure the preschool hall was good to go and my replacement for the morning had everything under control, we got to enjoy the Baby Celebration Service. And Piper was the most entertaining baby! She basically stole the show. =)

She was fascinated with Brother Garth's goatee and had everybody laughing and Brother Garth a little distracted. Hahaha. It was so cute and hilarious. 

We enjoyed the Baby Celebration/Mother's Day Service lots

After church we headed to Granna's and Papa's to celebrate with lots of family. Traditionally we go to a restaurant every Mother's Day for lunch but this year my mom decided to host so my Granny wouldn't have to be out in the crowds. The boys had a ball and we enjoyed a delicious feast! 

The girls in the fam!!

After a huge lunch and busy afternoon we went over my Nanny's house to celebrate with her. And a family golf cart ride was one of the highlights of the day! We ordered pizza and hung out and just enjoyed wrapping up the weekend.

And I remembered to get a picture of my goodies before bed Sunday night. I loved all of my special gifts!!

So thankful for a really full but special weekend with our moms and my grandmothers... plus lots of other family! We had so much fun celebrating, eating good food, and enjoying each other's company. So blessed to be the daughter, granddaughter, and daughter-in-law of the most amazing ladies I know and to have the privilege of raising my 3 little men! To God be the glory, great things He hath done!

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