Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Favorites: May is Here Edition

This week we welcomed the month of May and all things BUSY! It's such an exciting time of year with school winding down and summer on the horizon but I am worn out and it's only the first week!! Between Teacher Appreciation week and running around like crazy trying to find things for the big boys' amazing teachers, preparing for a brand new Sunday School year and making sure I have teachers for each class, and lots of talk about my job plans for next year, I've been going to bed too late and feeling just tad stressed. So I'm thankful for Friday and looking forward to the weekend!!

Here are my faves from our 1st week of May...

*Friday night Movie Night! Even Layton enjoys a little of the movie and some popcorn before bed every Friday night now. =)

*Sunday afternoon after nap/rest time the boys helped Terrell with some yard work and then we pulled out our beach ball sprinkler and turned on the sprinklers in our backyard. They had so much fun!! Layton watched from a distance but the big boys had the best time. Monday morning when I woke them up for school Garrison gave me a hug and said sleepily, mama we had fun last night at the water park. This may be our summer entertainment. =)

*Monday afternoon Garrison didn't have homework AND practice was cancelled due to afternoon thunderstorms, so my boys spent their extra time playing for a bit and then hanging out at the table coloring together while I made supper. Definitely a favorite this week!

*Family Game Night was a classic... Twister!! Ha! The boys LOVE it! I played 2 games with them while Terrell was the spinner and then he played one game with them and then they played the last game on their own. Thankfully as a grown up you don't care if you're out first. Hahaha. 

*My #5 had probably his best game ever on last Saturday! He had some of his biggest hits and came up to bat in the last inning with runners on 2nd and 3rd and 2 outs.... and we were down by 2 runs. Oh the pressure!! He of course was fine, it was me who felt a bit like I might need to throw up. Ha. He got another big hit to tie the game!! And he made an out at home plate for our team as well! It was soo fun to watch!! (Minus the sick/nervous feeling.) Then on Tuesday he had one of his toughest games. Our whole team struggled. Especially in the field. And my heart sort of ached for them... especially my own little player. But I was so proud of Garrison's good attitude and the way he didn't let the loss get him down. He just enjoys the game and wants to win and do well but he takes a loss in stride and shakes off mistakes and moves on. And, most important of all, his team prays before and after every single game. Oh how thankful I am for this leadership and example!! That is what makes a difference in a team's attitude and sportsmanship. Love our coaches. Especially my one of a kind Terrell Selph. =)

 *No homework this week has been wonderful! We went straight outside after school on Wednesday afternoon and these 3 had a ball soaking up the sunshine and perfect temps. 

*Baby boy got in a ride on daddy's lawnmower and it made his week! =)

*Speaking of little man... on yesterday he noticed me eating raw carrots with ranch and asked for some. Now, he is our pickiest eater by far so I knew he'd spit out his first bite.... except he didn't! He ate a whole baby carrot (and a half!) dipped in ranch!! This is huge!!! Haha. Maybe there's hope for his eating habits yet!

*A little rest time handwriting practice. We've made it all the way to the letter U!

*My #2 had a big win on Saturday (that I had to miss) and his team was coming off a big high. He was so proud to get his 2nd win of the season and received some pretty big compliments for how hard he played. Last night we played again and had to fight a little harder. Austin had a bit of a tough game and in the last inning Garrison came over to me and said Mama I feel like I might cry. I'm just so sad for Austin. Oh my heart! I reassured him that Austin was fine and was shaking things off just like he did after a tough game. And it sure made it better when our team won in the bottom of the last inning in an exciting finish! That puts our record at 3-2-1. =) I just love watching my boys play!

We are looking forward to a full and fun Mother's Day Weekend! My guys are taking me out tonight, we have one game tomorrow, then tomorrow night we're celebrating with Terrell's mom, and Sunday we get to enjoy the Baby Celebration Service at church with Baby Girl before enjoying more celebrations with my side of the fam Sunday afternoon and evening. So grateful to celebrate with all the moms in the family this weekend! Happy Friday, Happy Mother's Day!!

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