Monday, May 16, 2016

Spring Pictures 2016

So we were slackers with this year's Spring pics of the boys. 

And they almost didn't happen at all. 

And they still didn't happen by way of professional/expert photographer and editing. Ha. 

But in our defense this has been our busiest Spring ever. We've had something every week night except Fridays and games or practice almost every Saturday all Spring. And I had surgery over Spring Break that pretty much put me out of it for about 2 full weeks. So our weeks, and most of our weekends, have been so full pictures have sort of been the last thing on our minds. Plus, Easter came so early this year we sort of forgot about it... then put it off... then forgot about it again. 

But, in a last minute effort to maintain our tradition/commitment of "professional" pictures of the boys each Spring in their Easter attire, we just barely managed to accomplish our goal yesterday morning before church. Phew! That was a super close one. 

We made the decision to attempt the photo shoot on Saturday night. Ha. And we decided to do the whole shebang ourselves. We have no editing skills at all, but we do have a nice camera and lots of flowers and great backgrounds around our very own yard... so we went for it. Sunday morning the temps were cool and it was the perfect (and last!) opportunity the boys would have to wear their Easter attire to church and still be comfortable... as opposed to sweaty, hot, and miserable. 

Even though they aren't professional or edited, I'm still in love. Layton was the toughest to get to cooperate but his pictures turned out the best! Yay for a photo shoot surprise! They aren't perfect but they are still oh so precious. They capture the boys in their Easter clothes, in the Spring (barely, haha), in posed pictures, with a quality camera. They are definitely mama approved and I don't think we could've asked for anything better given our last minute decision and our attempt at doing it all ourselves.  


If you look closely you can see Garrison's Pokemon cards through his pocket. Haha. Oh well. It's keeping it real and capturing life at this moment.

This one makes me laugh so hard! Layton was very distracted by the bulldog on the front porch so Garrison asked if they could get a picture with it.... and this is how it turned out. The happiest, most real, and natural shot of all!

Love these boys so, so much!!

It was a challenging morning and lots of bribery was involved but we're calling it a success! Yay for another year of Spring pictures of my babies!!

Easter/Spring Pictures of the Past...

Have a great Monday!!

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