Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites: Enjoying May Edition

This week has been good! Besides having a really hard time waking up and starting the day due to a busy schedule and going to bed too late, I've really enjoyed almost everything about this week. We've started making some summer plans, we're winding down our baseball season, and we're wrapping up the school year and anticipating our summer break BIG TIME!! So far, we are really enjoying May!

Here's a look at my favorite happenings from our week...

*Celebrating Mother's Day with my boys, my mom, and lots of family was my favorite! 

*Hanging out at Austin's practice and visiting mama's old stomping grounds... the track! Oh memories... relays, field days, track meets, skinned knees. It all came back to me... some good and some not. Ha. Layton enjoyed our stroll and Garrison enjoyed my stories. =)

*Skip Bo with my game lover!

*We've pulled out the gears lots this week and this little man is starting to master his colors! At least the 4 pictured below. He knows blue every single time and red about 75% of the time. Yellow is next and green seems to be the toughest. But I'm so excited about his progress this week!

*Austin wanted to graph earlier this week and I wanted him to have some fine motor practice so we compromised and did both! He graphed a pack of beads, one color at a time, then counted them. 

After counting them I wrote down the amount and the color word and then he traced what I wrote. Afterwards we analyzed our findings. Fine motor graphing success!

*Garrison got his yearbook on Monday and it's been a huge hit. We've spotted almost the whole family and it's been fun for the big boys to look through every night before bed during their "talking time". Yearbook fun means summer is close!!

*My parents had some new bar stools delivered and gave the boys a couple of the boxes. Big boxes to play in = HUGE hit for 3 little boys!! They have enjoyed them lots so far... played inside of them, colored all over them, poked holes into them (so light can come in, haha), taken in their flashlights and lanterns, and just had so much fun with them. Big, empty boxes really are the best!

*Austin asked to do something else at the table this week and since I really want him to get in some fine motor practice I decided on a little game for him. He rolled 2 dice and counted or added the two together and then had to place that many beans into an old muffin pan. Once he filled all 6 muffin cups he liked counting them all before emptying the tin and starting over. He worked his finger muscles all while getting in lots of math practice. 

*Bailey finally got groomed this week and is once again our little show dog. =)

*Last night was another fun night as the ballpark! I'm thankful the season is wrapping up but soaking up these last few games big time. Watching my big boys play has been such a treat!

*Favorite Read of the Week: Three Things Every Mom Should Know. During a stretch of parenting challenges and even fears this reminder was perfect. While I'm not dealing with a rebellious teenager or a fear of one of my children going to jail or running away or making terrible, life changing choices, lately we've faced some significant battles. And this devotion was such a timely reminder and source of encouragement. We need to battle with our praises and our prayers and against Satan's schemes, not our child. So reassuring, encouraging, and hopeful! And thankfully we have actually experienced a little progress this week! It's a scary feeling as a parent to not know how to best handle each situation or challenge that arises... especially ones that really concern you, but God is the perfect parent. He is capable. And our praises and prayers really are powerful and effective. Thank you Lord. 

This weekend is going to be full! Lots of baseball, lots of family time, lots of fun. We're preparing for end of school parties, practicing for end of school and choir programs, and looking forward to celebrating our great school years! Summer is close and we are counting down! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!  

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