Monday, July 25, 2016

Big Summer Weekend Recap

This weekend was our last weekend of summer and we enjoyed lots of big summer fun! Terrell and I planned a few special outings for the boys and were officially worn out after all the fun, but we managed to find some down time this weekend too. Our big summer weekend was a big success and definitely worth the exhaustion. =) 

Friday afternoon Terrell got off work early and we took the boys to a nearby mini water park. We wanted somewhere close, not too expensive, not too big or crowded, and a place the whole family could enjoy. It turned out to be the perfect "water park" outing for everybody!

All 3 boys loved the kiddie section but this was definitely Austin's favorite. It wasn't so shallow that he couldn't swim but wasn't deep enough to be intimidating or for him to need any extra help. By the end of the afternoon he was going under and actually swimming with his face down. If you know Austin, you know this is a HUGE deal for him. 

They had so much fun!

The water slide was another big hit!! If you look at the top of the slide you can see Terrell getting ready to take Layton down. Baby boy was adamant about doing the water slide!

He did the water slide more than any other member of the family. He was smitten. We started counting how many times we slid down with him and Terrell estimated 15 times and I estimated 20+ times. Hahaha. The water slide was his clearly his favorite. =)

We even talked our middle into trying it out! Austin enjoyed it and went down a handful of times but he wasn't in love like Layton. Haha.

Garrison really enjoyed everything. He even jumped off both diving boards several times. 

I've jumped off the high dive before and once you're up there, it is high. We were pretty proud of how brave he was. All 3 boys showed some bravery Friday afternoon. =) We had the best time. 

We crashed Friday night (I. Was. So. Tired. Ha! We had so much fun!!)

Saturday morning we woke up and took the boys on a surprise outing (we actually let them guess on Friday night).... we went fishing!!

We have family who live about 35 minutes away who have always invited us to come fish and swim (in their pool not the pond, ha) but we've just never had a good opportunity to do it or haven't made it a priority. But the big boys got fishing "gear" for Christmas so we knew we wanted to prioritize a trip this summer. And Saturday was the day!

My parents went with us as they are the fishing experts and thank goodness we had their help. It was a little stressful at first trying to get all the boys set up and ready to fish. Once everyone was settled, things started off slow. Plus hot. Haha. Fishing definitely requires patience and I think Garrison and Austin both did great given their ages.

Layton tested things out too but then decided he needed some other entertainment. We walked around quite a bit and then gave up and let him swim. =)

I was really proud of this little man. He hung in there for a looonng time waiting on a bite. 

Garrison had the most patience and it eventually paid off!

Garrison's first fish!!! Yay!! We were starting to wonder if either one of the boys would catch one. Our biggest spent most of the morning going back and forth between the pool and fishing and had so much fun.

Austin and Layton loved seeing Garrison's fish!

They even touched it. =)

Layton actually got out of the pool to fish before the morning was over! 

And Garrison caught another fish!!

Granna and Papa caught several as well and the boys were pretty proud of their catches of the day! (Mama on the other hand was hot and feeling sick. I don't have much tolerance for the heat and Saturday reminded me of that again. Even after being in the pool most of the morning. Plus fishing isn't my sport. Ha! But I'm so glad I could experience this first with my boys and I'm super thankful for how much they enjoyed our morning.)

Saturday night we went out for AnAn's birthday!

We had such a fun night together and ate good and laughed hard. Plus these cousins were the sweetest. =)

Sunday morning Austin and Layton woke up with bad runny noses and coughs so they stayed home with daddy while Garrison and I went to church. We ended up leaving after the first hour but Garrison was thankful he decided to go. 

Meanwhile these 2 perked up and went grocery shopping with daddy. =)

We enjoyed a lazy afternoon at home before heading out to shoe shop for our big boys and then fro-yo as a special treat. A big hit for the whole fam. 

We wrapped up our weekend at the prayer walk for our schools last night. The Sunday before school starts our church always hosts a community prayer walk for our school system and individual schools. This was our 2nd year to participate and we plan to do it every single year. To quote our superintendent, I am so thankful to be part of a community that loves children and believes in prayer. LOVE our small town and love this tradition. To see so many from our church and schools, and others from our community that I don't even know go out to each of our schools and board of education praying for the students, teachers, staff, and the entire school year is just a huge blessing. The boys prayed some pretty special prayers last night standing outside of their school too. It's special tradition for me as a parent and I know God heard his people and all of the prayers prayed last night. #thankfulforourcommunity #thankfulforourschoolsystem 

Our last big summer weekend was a blast!! This week we're going to enjoy our last days of summer and prepare for the brand new school year. Have a great Monday!

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