Wednesday, July 6, 2016

St George Island, Days 3-4

It's another recap today! So thankful for our family scrapbook and a place to capture and hold onto these special memories. 

Days 1-2 were almost perfect and gave us a pretty great first impression of SGI. Days 3-4... the love affair continues. =)


Monday morning was pretty wonderful. Great weather, happy boys, and another day with no plans other than spending the whole day at the beach and pool. 

The boys posed for me shortly after we arrived and got set up. 

**Random things I want to remember... we arrived beach-side every morning between 9:00-9:30, Layton didn't care for walking in the sand and had to hold someone's hand before he would move his feet or take a single step--thankfully this got a little better as the week went on-- he did however love the water and beg to get in right away, the big boys went straight to the ocean to look for seashells the second we arrived, the big boys also took mostly outdoor showers (yes! so perfect for sandy boys!), Layton slept in a big boy bed all week long, one of Austin's flip flops was lost/buried in the sand never to be found (hahaha! so crazy), and I believe this may have been our easiest beach trip ever since becoming parents... no nursing babies, no bottles or feeding schedules, no pack n play, no crawlers, no rigid nap schedules, no escapees on the beach in the form of adventurous toddlers. Yep, I'm pretty sure it was the easiest. BUT, still work because 3 boys 7 and younger. =)  

Layton enjoying his favorite vacay pastime... floating in the water. 

The big boys played LOTS of baseball games against daddy and Papa on the beach...and other than the super competitive spirit of one of my children causing himself a little frustration and discouragement when things didn't go his way.... fun was had by all. The boys loved beating Papa and daddy. They strategized and played hard and had the best time. Spoiler alert.... they were undefeated the whole trip. =)

After the big game, it was time for some down time... 

And right in the middle of our down time, baby boy took a nap! Cheez-its crumbs and all. Haha.

Then about 15 minutes later our middle man was down for the count too. =)

While the littles napped, these 3 had fun in the ocean. 

We had a pretty late lunch on the days this happened.

After the boys woke up we went back to the house for lunch and let the kiddos swim while we got everything ready and then we all stayed poolside for a little while after lunch too. Layton fell in love with a pair of goggles Monday afternoon. Ha!

We were back at the beach by 4:00 Monday afternoon (#laidback) and stayed for another hour and a half or so. These 2 dug and dug and finally made holes big enough to fit inside!

On Monday night we got our delicious pizza we were so looking forward to the night before! We called in our order as soon as we got to the house and everyone showered and got clean and into pjs before supper. It worked out perfect. We had pizza, cheese bread, and wings. It was delish!! And that was Day 3. A glorious day of sand, sun, ocean, pool, laughter, maybe a teensy meltdown or 2 from Layton Thomas, ha, some good food, tons of seashells collected, and great memories. Actually I think that sums up our vacay. =)


Happy Tuesday at the beach!!

The whole crew and our beach get-up every single day. =) FYI... Umbrellas are waaaaay easier than tents. We wised up this year. Even though you do have to move around some as the sun moves, it's totally worth it to not have to deal with the high maintenance, hard labor, total PAIN that is a tent. 

My 3 big boys!

Selph 5! It was gorgeous on Tuesday. 

 We had a great morning at the beach and then came in for lunch and a swim before getting ready for our very first night out!

Given the fact that it was a beautiful day and it was possible we wouldn't be getting dressed up to go out again we decided to go ahead and do our annual beach pics on Tuesday. We found a great spot and made some quick pictures and then called it a wrap. Much different from more recent years in which we've done multiple poses and settings... but the boys weren't feeling it and it was super hot so mama just took what she could get. =)

This one would be my FAVE except crazy windblown hair. Boo! Everyone looks precious except crazy hair. Ahhhhhhh! Unfortunately I don't think you can edit that out of control-ness. Sigh. Oh well, I still mostly love it.

Another pretty good one!

This is my second favorite and probably the one I'll have framed. I wish there were more but it was hot and bright and squinty/closed eyes prevailed in most of them. Still thankful for the ones we got and that the tradition continues. Not sure how long I'll be able to force my boys to participate but I'm going to keep it up as long as I can. =)

My parents, aka Papa and Granna. 

Love. =)

After wrapping up our quick little photo shoot we were off to the famous beachfront restaurant Blue Parrot for supper. We got a later start than we wanted so we had a little wait, but we really enjoyed our first night out! And after supper, despite being stuffed, we rode right down the street for ice cream. The boys were thrilled!

It was so good and the perfect way to wrap up our evening out!! 

After 4 days on island and our first night out and about, we were enjoying everything lots. We had put like 2 miles on our car total since arriving on Saturday, experienced zero traffic, and absolutely loved the slower pace and easy going, laid back ways of island life. =) We seriously can't wait to go back. 

If I can keep up the pace, tomorrow will be the wrap up to our SGI vacation recap!

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