Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites: Together Again Edtion

The first half of our week was reeally different. Layton was an only child! Garrison and Austin spent all day Monday, Tuesday, plus Wednesday morning, with Nana, Pops, Allison, and Shannon and we were left on our own for a few days. Monday morning was emotional for everybody. Layton was confused, the big boys were super excited about spending time with their grandparents and cousins but also pretty sad for Layton, and mama was struggling big time too. Together is our favorite place to be and we don't "separate" often. So Monday was a little tough on us but we're together again now and I'm pretty sure fun was had by all! 

The big boys had a great time away and even though Layton cried for his brothers a few times and seemed a little confused off and on, I think he did awesome being an only child for a couple of days! We had lots of extra quality time together and enjoyed some special outings with our baby. 

Here's a look at my favorite happenings from our week...

*Monday morning shortly after saying bye to the big boys we tackled some errands in town and then set off for school supply shopping! Layton was a pretty good shopping buddy! He only started getting into the supplies after our trip got a little long. But we managed to get every single thing from the list and are calling school supply shopping DONE. =)

*Monday afternoon after a nap, snack, putting together puzzles, some letter practice, taking Bailey out, and checking the mail, little man was ready for some table time and magnet building. 

*Our time at the table was possibly my favorite one-on-one time with him over our days on our own. It was just sweet, uninterrupted, quality time. I loved watching him concentrate and I loved focusing my attention on just him... studying his little face and mannerisms and soaking him up. It was pretty special watching my baby play. 

*He also tested out Austin's nap mat for me. It's Layton approved and good to go!

*Monday evening after supper we decided on a little family walk thanks to temps below 95. Haha. Layton LOVED our walk and had the best time "driving" around the whole neighborhood. 

*On Tuesday he got in some one-on-one time with Granna while I tutored and then we ran some errands and enjoyed a playdate with Baby A that afternoon. Then, daddy took us on a date! We even went out for fro-yo afterwards. It was a pretty fun night with our littlest! 

*Wednesday morning! Our big boys are home!!! All the chicks in the nest really is the best! I think Garrison and Austin were just as excited to see Layton as he was to see them. It was a sweet reunion. =)

*My rings have been away for the past couple of weeks getting spruced up and I was able to pick them up Wednesday afternoon. I felt like Terrell had just proposed again. They were sparkly and beautiful and reminded me so much of wearing them for the first time ever. =)

*We managed to squeeze in another morning at the pool! These 3 are officially pool lovers. It's so hard to leave when it's time to go!

*Yesterday while we were at the pool daddy even surprised us with an invitation to go out to lunch with him. We were pretty excited about our surprise. We looked a hot mess having just come out of the pool but we enjoyed our last week-day lunch of the summer with daddy lots. 

Today is our last Friday of summer and this weekend we have our big summer weekend planned with the boys. For the past few years we've planned a fun weekend for the boys before school starts back and this weekend it's that time again! We're looking forward to kicking things off today and making the whole weekend full of summer fun! It's been a roller coaster of emotions as we wind down our summer break, but we are going to really soak up and make the most of our last days of summer! Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

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