Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Favorites: Life Lately Edition

Life lately has been CRAZY busy... end of the school year, end of baseball, teacher appreciation, Kindergarten teaching, tutoring, and an upcoming baby shower to host has made the end of April and start of May an exhausting whirlwind. Tis the nature of this time of year. Plus my new reality. Ha. Even though things have been overwhelmingly busy, I've still managed to take some pictures over the past couple of weeks to post here in an effort to continue the family scrapbook. =)

Here's a look at life lately... (over the past 3 weeks or so)

*We've fit in just a few game nights with the new games the boys got for Easter. They've been hits for everybody! 

*Our middle man lost his first tooth!! Then the very next day lost his 2nd tooth!

It was a very big deal and a huge celebration for the whole family! The first lost tooth is a BIG deal. =) His brothers were so excited for him!

*We've enjoyed lots of exciting baseball games! Even though I'm looking forward to wrapping up the season, I still love watching my boys play.  

*Recently our umpires started giving out game balls to one member of the winning team who played a big part in the team's win.... and Austin received his very first game ball on the exact same day 4 YEARS ago that Garrison received his very first game ball. So cool! AnAn was at Garrison's game 4 years ago in Covington and she saw the end of Austin's game this time. Such a neat thing to happen exactly 4 years apart. =)

*I found this picture on my phone this week. Haha! I'm pretty sure Austin took it before school one morning. =)

*A couple of weeks ago Nana took Layton to the park near Terrell's office so Layton had a surprise visitor while he was there. He was thrilled to see daddy!

*My flowers are all blooming and bright now and I'm loving watching everything finally come to life.

*My pictures don't do it justice but it's really pretty in person!

*My view of the backyard is probably my favorite. I love the rose bushes most of all this year.

We've managed to sneak in some outside time here and there now that practices have slowed down. Yay for a slower pace coming soon! 

*Saturday night we met my parents and went out to eat with the awesome crew. =) They even got their feet wet while we waited to be seated. Haha!

*Those 3 little heads lined up on my couch earlier this week are my favorite. Garrison was sick Sunday afternoon so I stayed home with everybody on Monday. It was a nice breather for us even though I stayed busy all day.

*I got a few early Mother's Day gifts last weekend! I've wanted something in the "bare corner" basically since we moved in and the lamp we found is perfect! It's easily removable when our Christmas tree goes up and perfect for the rest of the year. And the table was a surprise find that fits the room and decor perfectly. Terrell totally surprised me with it!! He also got me another gift that we're hoping works in our dining room. My love tank is full! =)

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moment: We had our house cleaned this week! #allthepraisehands We decided to go for it before hosting a baby shower this weekend because there was absolutely no way we could manage getting it all done without help. It was the best decision ever and this mama was GRATEFUL!

This weekend is another full one for us... baseball games, errands, shower prep and hosting, and hopefully some extra sleep too. I am spent! Phew. May is #craziness. Even though our weekend will be full I'm still super thankful for 2 days off! Happy Friday!!

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