Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May Highlights

May was a FULL month. We were full steam ahead every single day this month until this past weekend. I think it's safe to say that May has become our busiest, craziest month. But, we enjoyed lots of highlights and fun, celebrations and parties. We had our stressful, low moments too but the highlights are what we'll always remember. So here they are from the beginning....

We kicked off May with Teacher Appreciation Week! Serving on PTCO this year was the best. Working with these ladies was so much fun and we had a GREAT time serving our school, students, and teachers. Garrison started with a stomach bug on Sunday, April 30th so I missed helping out with Monday's breakfast but was there the rest of the week to hand out goodies to bless our teachers. And, I was on the receiving end of the goodies myself! It was a busy week but so much fun.

Immediately following Teacher Appreciation Week, my mom, sister, and I got ready to host a baby shower for my cousin. It was another busy and full weekend but the shower turned out perfect. We had so much fun celebrating mama and baby girl. =)

Next up, our high school girls' soccer team made it to the Final Four and we hosted! So we couldn't pass up the opportunity to take the boys to watch them play. We had a fun night cheering on our girls.

Baseball practices finally slowed down and we were able to enjoy some outside time at home. Finally. YAY. 

We had a great Mother's Day weekend with all the moms in the fam and I was spoiled good by my boys.

Then we had our very last baseball games of the season!

All 3 of my boys enjoyed the season lots. =)

2 really fun and special seasons in the books!

After school popsicles and outside time was pretty fun too. Yay for being done with homework!!

Then we got to watch our biggest boy in his end of year 2nd grade program.

We had a great 2nd grade year and now we're pretty excited about experiencing a new school next year! We LOVE our primary school (PreK-2nd) but we've heard some really great things about our elementary school that we're looking forward to lots.

The night after the 2nd grade program the boys enjoyed their first swim of summer and we had the best Friday night with friends. So much fun!!

On our first free Saturday morning (no more baseball games) we decided to take a family walk per the boys' request. They rode bikes and we walked. It's one of our favorite family time activities. =)

The big boys' had their choir programs the next night at church and achieved gold medals for attendance. =)

Then we were treated to Waffle House by Granna and Papa afterwards. Yum!

We kicked off the last week of school with Austin's baseball party on Monday night....

We had the best little team and such a fun season!

Tuesday night we were actually home and able to squeeze in a game night!

On Wednesday I was able to sneak away from my class for a few minutes to go and watch Austin's little PreK program. It was precious! Each student received a special award that was unique to them and Austin was awarded "Dancing King". Hahaha! We were soooo blessed by his teachers and his PreK experience this year. God answered our prayers in a big way and we are so grateful and give Him the glory!

On Wednesday evening we enjoyed Garrison's baseball party and celebration of "The Perfect Season". So proud of our undefeated team and grateful for awesome coaches and teammates.

Then on Thursday we had our last day of school!!

This was them on the 1st day and they've grown so much! Every first day and last day picture comparison gets me. We were blessed with a great school year but were all excited and ready to welcome summer by our last day!

On Thursday I got a picture with my precious school babies and enjoyed their sweet Kindergarten program at the Fine Arts Center. Most of them signed out after the program so I spent my last day busy finishing report cards and permanent record folders. I'm super excited to keep in touch with these kiddos and will always consider them my own.

The last week of school is also when fidget spinners invaded our house! We searched high and low for these things and Terrell finally found some... plus ordered some. Ha! They've been the biggest hit and all 4 boys are big fans. =)

On Friday morning our firstborn baby had his tonsils and adenoids removed and did great. He's recovering well but still has a ways to go before he's back to 100%. The whole fam has enjoyed lots of ice cream and popsicles with Garrison Cade. =)

And on yesterday we had a lazy Memorial Day at home until around 4:00 when me and the littles went over to my Nanny's for a grill out/graduation party. Garrison slept for most of the day and wasn't up for leaving the house so Terrell stayed home with him. We enjoyed getting out and being with family but we're ready for our biggest to get well so we can all get back to normal. We've definitely felt everyone's prayers and he has felt extra special and loved. We're excited to have him fully recovered!

May has been full. Mostly fun, kind of stressful, definitely busy, and a little challenging. It was memorable for sure! Now we're excited for June and our 1st half of summer!! 

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