Friday, June 2, 2017

Season Recap

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped up our 5th season of Spring baseball. 5 Springs in a row spent cheering, coaching, playing, sweating, loving, and practically living at the ball field. This season was another one full of exciting plays, dirt stains, a worn out mama, an awesome coach daddy, good games, busy evenings, tons of practices, and fun memories. 

And these 2 were the cutest players ever and my most favorite Trojans!

While it was definitely fun, this season was my most challenging yet. Every season is busy, and every season Terrell coaches is a huge commitment, but this season was tough on mama.

I started working full time...

Plus I was a dug-out mom for Austin's team...

Plus the wife of the head coach for Austin's team, wife of the assistant coach for Garrison's team, and mom of the busiest little mascot around! 

I LOVED watching my boys play. As I always do. They both had really great seasons. Garrison's team was undefeated while Austin was a little all-star stand out on his team. 

They both had a ton of fun and loved playing. Which makes it all more than worth it.

But I struggled with the commitment this season. I didn't even see every single play of every game. Every practice and every game was double duty for us and back to back. We had some long, late nights. I typically left the 2nd game early with Layton and whoever had already finished their game in effort to get some of our household in bed at a decent hour.

Most of those late nights, by the time we got the last boy in bed and I did all of my "night before" chores to get ready for the next day, I fell into bed exhausted myself. 

So while I had the best time watching them play, cheering them on, assisting in the dug-out, and laughing and hanging out with other baseball moms, I was also SPENT. And that was an unfortunate distraction for me this season. Working full time is game changer. A big one.

Thankfully it didn't effect my enjoyment of the games. The games were the best. I enjoyed every single one. 

It was mainly the craziness revolving around the games... practices, an almost impossible schedule, getting everyone fed, late nights, being away from the house almost constantly, the usual. But this season add in tons more responsibilities for me, and it was hard. 

But I know I will look back and treasure these memories. 

 And I know all 4 of my boys agree that the craziness is worth it and they loved every second. 

Even though this season was challenging, we made it. My boys had fun, they learned a lot, and their friendships, work ethic, and good attitudes grew.  

The season was long for this mama.

But short for my guys. I know they would've kept playing if it weren't for a tonsillectomy and out of town trips this month.

Next year my littlest will be joining the line-up and it's possible things might get even crazier. But the years are short and I want to savor it all. The craziness, the excitement, the highs and lows, and their love for the game. Baseball may not be something they play from now on.... or they could play throughout high school. Whatever they choose and no matter how crazy it gets, I don't want to miss it. 

Baseball 2017 was a whirlwind. I'm glad we're done and thankful for the off season. But I wouldn't trade the memories, fun, or excitement of the season for anything. 

Until next year.... when I'll be cheering on a 9 year old, 6 year old, and 4 year old. =)

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