Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favorites: Almost Beach Bound Edition

This week has been a busy one. Plus rainy... which always makes things a little tougher. We've had lots of appointments, work stuff, errands, and things we're trying to get done before we leave for the beach. Thankfully most of it was accomplished! It wasn't always pretty, but we got it done. #phew

Here's a look at my faves before we head out for our week at the beach....

*Out of the blue our big boys have gotten super into baseball cards again... which means Layton is enjoying them too... which means they're everywhere. Ha! They've been really creative with their cards and love using the players on the cards to make baseball teams and to play a version of baseball games. They've been a big summer hit so far. =)

*Tuesday was a big errand day for us and the boys even had to do a little shopping with me. They did really good so as a reward and to waste some time while it rained, they "jumped" afterwards. 

#simplefun #worksforme

*The USA puzzle they got for Easter has become a summer favorite. LOVE. We had one similar to this when we were little and it really helped me learn the geography of our country as a child. So I'm super excited my kiddos are doing the same now. =)

*These 3 started making their own breakfast this week! They aren't scrambling eggs or frying bacon but they are doing most of the work required for their simple breakfasts. They've started getting out their own breakfast foods (most mornings, a nutri grain bar and cereal) and making their plates and bowls. I'm still pouring milk and making toast if they want it but I'm pretty impressed so far. Hopefully this will be a big help on school mornings!

*Anna and I (along with the 4 kiddos) went to the school this week so I could get a start on my classroom! I'm sort of kicking myself for not taking a before and after picture, (or a single picture at all), but while there is still TONS to be done, I'm so excited and thankful for getting a great start!! Anna is a huge resource and help since she's a former PreK teacher so I feel like I have an awesome advantage. =) And my free time at home has been spent printing, laminating, and cutting. Squeal!! I can't believe it's actually about to happen!

*The boys will be sharing a room all week at the beach and sleeping in bunk beds similar to what we have.... so we tested it out at home twice this week. We had success once, and the other time Layton had to go sleep in his bed. Poor baby just couldn't go to sleep and was keeping Garrison up. We're thinking about moving Austin to the bottom bunk with Layton while we're at the beach and having Garrison up top. Fingers crossed they do okay all week!!

*No matter what, I love how excited they all are to be together. It make for a sweet bedtime for sure. =)

Today is all about packing and cleaning the house. I have a ton to do but hopefully I can move quickly and cross it all off my list! I'm also considering implementing a no screen time day so the boys can help me be productive. =) 

We are soo looking forward to getting away, unplugging, and enjoying beach life and lots of family time for a whole week. Happy Friday!! I hope to be back with a recap the week of the 4th. =)  

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