Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Favorites: Our Start to Summer Edition

Our start to summer has been interesting so far. Between a tonsillectomy recovery, several rainy days, and lots of time at home without much to do, we've had a "testy" and trying summer kick off. Lots of crazy fighting, days of too much TV, some cabin fever, boys getting into trouble, and an occasional exasperated and frustrated mama just about sums it up. 

But thankfully it feels like we've turned a corner. Thank you Lord. Garrison is almost fully recovered, the boys are playing together much better (finally! without anyone being left out), and we've started having some great weather again which means happier and more active boys. Yay for the hope of summer fun and goodness! =)

Here are a few of my favorites from our start to summer...

*POPSICLES. Since Garrison's surgery these things are like a new food group at our house. We've gone through an estimated 60 popsicles in 2 weeks. It's crazy, but apparently delicious, wonderful, and a summertime must-have. =)

*We have been so blessed by everyone praying for Garrison and checking on him during his surgery and recovery... and we've even been given lots of DQ gift cards! One rainy day last week I decided to take the boys to spend some on the ice cream of their choice for our afternoon snack. We had a fun and yummy little outing.

*They sat on the same side so they could face the TV and watch college softball. Haha. They loved every second and every bite. =)

*On Sunday we celebrated our anniversary with a family date night!

*It was a fun way to celebrate!

*And of course we went out for ice cream afterwards. =) Garrison's recovery isn't helping anybody's beach bod. Ha!

*Earlier this week I let the boys play in the rain for a good stretch of the afternoon! They loved it. After a day of cabin fever it was perfect for all of us!

*A game of Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel with my littles was fun this week. Garrison and Terrell were busy searching for Garrison a new fidget spinner since we had a mix up with the one he originally picked out and ordered. 

*On Wednesday the weather was perfect. Sunny with pleasant temps! So we ran some errands and went to the park. The zip line thingy was the biggest hit. And mama had to demonstrate before anyone would try it. Hahaha. #hopenobodywaswatching

*Garrison made this picture of Austin since I had to lift him up and push him across. I got a workout from our time at the park! But had some much needed outside time and enjoyed it lots. Cold juice boxes and water waiting in the car for the ride home along with my fave radio station and it was our best and most quiet drive in a while. =)

Yesterday was all about trip prep. Terrell and I were finally able to find a place to stay for our anniversary weekend and we're heading out this morning! We are super excited. And relieved since it almost didn't work out. More on that later. The boys are pretty thrilled about their weekend fun coming up too. "Granna and Papa Weekend" or "Granna and Papa Camp" (they keep wanting to name it, haha) is going to be fun. =) Happy Friday, Happy Summer Weekend!! 

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