Monday, July 3, 2017

St George Island: Days 1-3

We are home from another wonderful summer vacation at our new most favorite beach and island! SGI!! I think I need a sticker for my car to make it official. My love of the island is great. =) I asked Terrell how he would feel about us summering there. Haha! A girl can dream right?

Here's a recap of our first 3 days...


Ready to head out last Saturday morning with the whole crew! So thankful Frankie, AnAn, and Piper could come this year!! We were super excited... as evidenced by my crazy husband hooping and hollering and me laughing too hard. Ha! 

We had a great trip down and made a stop at CFA for a yummy lunch and play time before the seagulls welcomed us to the island on Saturday afternoon. #crossingthebridge

We got settled and unpacked at the beach house before changing into swim suits and heading for the beach. It's one of our favorite traditions once we arrive. We are all soo excited and happy to be there we're just about beside ourselves! =) 

1st family selfie of the vacay!

O'Mary fam!

Baby Girl wasn't sure what to think of the sand and ocean at first, but she warmed up quickly and became a beach LOVER fast. 

We got to watch someone catch a baby shark pretty soon after we arrived and the guy was super nice and offered the boys a picture with it! Such a cool little experience for us. 

Checking things out and taking it all in. =)

Thankful they could join us this year!

We had our own pool again this year and the boys enjoyed a swim before supper. We ate BBQ my mom made ahead of time (which always works out perfect and is so delish!) and had a great 1st night. 


Sunday morning we woke up to beautiful weather and were ready for our 1st full day at the beach! 

The whole crew making the short walk to the beach. We were in a house across the street from the beach but thankfully our walk was pretty easy. 

Right after setting up and getting settled we had a visitor join us... and as we all got a closer look it scampered across my foot!! I jumped around and hollered like a crazy person. Hahaha! They're cool to look at but they creep me out a little too. #eww

Ready to spend the day in the sand, sun, and ocean.

3 of my guys in the ocean. =) Layton was a HUGE fan of the water again this year. He played in the sand a little but his first love and top priority each day was the ocean. He would've stayed in the water all day if we let him. Austin loved the sand and seashell hunting the best and I'm pretty sure Garrison loved it all. 

Piper was a beach and ocean lover too. She became a huge fan fast!

1st baseball game of the week! It wears out their daddy and Papa but it's a highlight and big time favorite for my big boys.

A look at our "camp" =)

Such a gorgeous day. We stayed in and had grilled hamburgers for supper and enjoyed another great night. We laughed a ton, stayed up too late, enjoyed being lazy, and loved watching Piper and her boys together 24-7. 


Good morning to us!

Monday was another gorgeous day and I brought out my real camera for a few beach pics. My boys are growing fast. Even though this summer has been full of arguing and fighting a ton (big sigh), it's also such a fun and sweet season for us. I want to savor this stage of everyone being able to do everything together. It's so special having everyone included and everyone having so much in common. This mama is loving it.

Pretty early on all the guys got in the ocean together...

#themenfolk =)

Then Layton Thomas took a break and relaxed with mama for a while.

He also got in some baseball time with daddy while his brothers were seashell hunting and jumping waves.  

We had a later lunch on Monday and Austin decided to shower and stay in for the afternoon while Garrison and Layton went to the pool with daddy. Sweet boy was worn out. He's definitely our child who knows when he's had enough and is ready to rest.

Monday evening we went out to Blue Parrot and had a fun and yummy meal together. It was entertaining and a little wild but we enjoyed it lots!

Love this! #AuntMegiscrazybehindthecamera #GrannaandPapaweretheretoo

We wrapped up the night with ice cream at Aunt Ebby's. Yum-O! 

Such a fun day with my people and a wonderful start to our vacay! 

More recaps coming soon. =) Happy 4th of July Eve!

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