Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Big Summer Weekend

Before school starts back we like to do one last big outing and/or weekend for the kids and this weekend turned out to be it! We decided on White Water since we have season passes and the weather was supposed to cooperate (this is the rainiest summer I can remember in a while!). And I must say that being able to do things as a family with everyone being included is my FAVORITE! The last time we went to White Water Layton was only 17 months old and just too little to go, so this time was so special. I love being able to do things as a family of 5 that we all enjoy!!

We got there well before it opened and enjoyed little to no crowds on Saturday morning. It was perfect! 

We set up camp here because all 3 boys can play in this area but we ventured out to the other kiddie sections too. Layton was super apprehensive at first and only wanted to be carried in the water and was afraid to slide or climb on anything for a while, but as the day went on he became more and more comfortable and loved it as much as his brothers!

The big boys did the kiddie slides right away and I even got Layton to go down once with me. Afterwards they found their favorite things to do and sort of hung out in the same places. 

We also rode Runaway River as a family! Terrell, Garrison, and I loved it. Our littles weren't huge fans though. Ha! Austin isn't a thrill seeker and doesn't care for "adventuresome" rides and Layton got a little scared from the pitch black tunnels and going under the waterfalls. Still, I love family rides and this one was super fun! I don't think anybody was scarred and we made a deal with Austin that he'd only have to ride it once, so that's all we did. =) 

After the big family ride the boys went back to the main area where we hung out and had a ball. They did all the slides and had all the fun.

Layton enjoyed himself lots too. 

I was able to get some action shots of the big boys coming off the slides!

Layton even tried out a slide in this section by himself before me and him moved to a different little area.

And this is probably where Layton had the most fun. He did several slides and had a blast. Even Garrison and Austin came over and played several times!

We also did the lazy river twice and enjoyed that too. It was such a fun day together. Around 3:30 everyone cleared out because of the weather pattern heading our way and everyone had to leave the water anyway, so it turned out to be pretty perfect for us. It was a full day of good times. =)

On Sunday after church and rest time we surprised the boys with fro-yo before taking them to buy new shoes for school and making a quick trip to Walmart. 

Then the boys got to pick where we ate for supper and they chose Taco Bell. =) They even got to sit by themselves while Terrell and I had a mini date. Haha! 

For the last bit of our way home we rolled down all the windows (because the backseat drama was rising) and they LOVED it. Hahaha! It really is the littlest, simplest things sometimes. =) Their faces are priceless. I'm glad I snapped a quick picture.

We had a great big summer weekend!!

This week we're soaking up mama's last week of summer and starting to gear up for back to school. Ready or not, it's coming soon! Happy Tuesday! 

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