Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Favorites: 4th of July Edition

We have had a pretty great week around here. We enjoyed the 4th lots and really settled into a groove. The boys have gotten along GREAT this week and it's been music to my ears and joy to my heart. #allthepraisehands

Here's my faves from the week...

*Sunday morning red, white, and blue for God and Country Day at church. Loved rocking babies, holding 4 year olds, and listening to my amazing teachers Sunday morning. Such a sweet blessing each week.

*After church we had lunch at our brand new Zaxby's! This is a big deal for Barnesvillians. BIG. =)

*The boys and I made a visit to Ms. Debbie's pool this week! 

*And the highlight of our pool time was Austin swimming on his own!! Practice during vacation paid off and it appears we officially have another swimmer in the fam!!!! We are SO proud of him and so excited about his confidence and the fact that he wants to swim by himself now. YAY!!!

 *The boys have played sooooooo good together this week. It's like they finally settled into summer and truly enjoying time with each other and really taking advantage of endless play time and fun imaginations. It has been WONDERFUL for this mama!

*On Monday afternoon the boys and I made our annual patriotic dessert. (Chocolate chip cookies dipped in milk, layered with cool whip). This was my easiest time with them yet and I've been making it since Garrison was a baby. They loved it!

*Finished product! We always get jipped on the red and blue M & M's but next year I'm going to buy a big bag and we're going to do a flag on top. =) And we'll have to put them on right before serving because the color does bleed from them after you refrigerate. It's super simple but pretty yummy. 

*We had a "Reading Night" before bed earlier this week. With it being summer and us having a more laid back routine, the boys have stayed up a little later watching sports or playing and we haven't been reading to them as much before bed. So the other night we made it a priority and it was the best! They chose The Day the Crayons Quit, The Day the Crayons Came Home, and Layton chose Biscuit's First Beach Day. =) It was just super sweet and fun.

*On the 4th we took the boys to see Cars 3! We all loved it. To my right...

*And to my left.... =)

*Then we went to my parents house for steaks. YUM!

*Such a fun night. =)

*After watching Cars 3, the boys are all into racing and hotwheels... so Wednesday morning we put together hotwheel tracks and they played and raced the whole morning.

*During rest time, Austin got in some sight word practice... reading and writing. He's doing great!! I hope he loves Kindergarten!

*Yesterday morning we sent our babies off to camp.... Nana Camp that is. =) We've gotten lots of pictures and talked to them last night and they are having the best time. 

*Terrell and I even managed a lunch date yesterday and we have plans for date night tonight. I'm missing my boys but enjoying the quality time with this guy. 

Today I'm off to the teacher store with my mom, Anna, and Piper. =) I can't wait to get some things for my classroom! Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!

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