Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites: Summer Lovin' Edition

This week has been another great one. Summer lovin' is awesome. =) The boys are playing together sooo well (and it is the BEST!), we have had the perfect mix of fun at home, fun away, plenty of downtime, and we've even been a little productive this week. We are enjoying our last weeks of summer big time!!

Here are my favorite happenings from our week of summer lovin'...

*Last Friday while the boys were with Nana and Pops, I got to have a girls day out! #happydance We went to the teacher store (squeal!!!), out to lunch, and to Walmart. =) It was so much fun! I seriously can't remember the last time I got away with just the girls. It had been YEARS. Way overdue. We had the best time!!

*On Saturday we got to go pick up our boys and were so excited to be reunited!! They had soooo much fun with their grandparents and cousins! But they were still super excited to see us and glad to be home. =) It was pretty special hearing about all the fun things they did and what a great time they had. They are blessed with 2 amazing sets of grandparents.

*On Monday we had a big play date with some of our favorite friends... one of my best friend's kiddos! We added another 8 year old, another 5.5 year old, and another 3 year old to the mix! Haha!! #doublethekiddos #doublethefun They had so much fun playing together and did great. They stayed together as a whole group for stretches and then paired off by age at times too. Their mama is about to have baby #4 and baby BOY #3. I am so excited! And love that our babies are growing up together!

*Spinning contests have been a big thing this week.... and all summer. Ha! #thesummerofthefidgetspinner

*On an overcast morning with no plans I decided to take the boys on a walk... a walk for me and a ride for them. Something they love and request often. It was humid and we got sweaty but it was bearable and fun. Yay! 

*We also did a little front porch rocking this week. Terrell cleaned our rocking chairs and we found some pillows on clearance that will fit just about every season. Maybe we'll enjoy our front porch a little more come Fall and lower temps. =)

*Bubble bath fun! 

*We went swimming again this week! And Austin is doing great!! 

*Impromptu movie night. #summerlovin'. =)

*Ready to tackle school supply shopping with my guys! (I like to go early when there are no crowds and I prefer Target for our supplies. We practically had the back to school section to ourselves. Woohoo!)

*We did it!! It took a sweet forever to find supplies for 3 kiddos this year (a first for us... Layton is starting preschool this year) but we did it! The boys were very well behaved and excited to help out with finding and putting their very own supplies in the buggy. =) And we found all but 3 things from our lists. I'm calling it a huge success.

This weekend we're planning for our last big outing of the summer. We like to do something super fun before school starts back and we're crazy busy with weekends filling up fast. So hopefully our plans will work out for this weekend. Next week is my last week of summer and the following week is the boys. It's right around the corner! Eeeeek!!!! Happy Friday! Have a great summer weekend!

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