Friday, May 12, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Things About being Their Mom

Mother's Day week is a sweet one for me and each year since Garrison was 1 I've written about a few of my favorite things about being their mom. It's just a little way for me to document life right now with my babies and some of the precious things I'm thankful for and love about being their a mom.

*Their love for their mama. =) This one gets me just about daily. In the midst of the craziest season of our family life possibly ever, they surprise me with the best hugs, the sweetest words, and the most thoughtful care and concern. They love me unconditionally, flaws and all, and they are my most treasured blessings. So thankful God chose my 3 boys for me.

*Their love for each other is my favorite. It melts me and makes me overwhelmed with gratefulness at God's grace. They have a closeness and bond that is super strong and the sweetest thing to witness. They can fight, argue, bicker, and brawl at times like CRAZY, but at the end of the day they want to be together and they are very best friends. Their love for each other runs deep and I've said this a hundred times probably but I am sooo thankful for the friendship and gift they have in each other and pray that they are always close.

*They make me laugh all the time. Their questions, their observations, their craziness, their silliness, their laughter, their ways, their joy. Laughing with, (and at, ha!), my boys is a big time favorite.

*They challenge me regularly and keep me on my toes. I am always learning, always seeking wisdom, and always turning to Jesus thanks to the challenging issues, trials, small and big things that come up. Being a mama is TOUGH but those challenges seem to make our bond stronger and keeps me on my knees.

*The noise. Our household is a LOUD one and the noise that we experience daily is a blessing. Yes, sometimes it drives me CrAzY or gives me a headache, but lots of times it just makes me thankful and reminds me to soak up this season. Especially when the noise I'm hearing is laughter, playing, fun, imaginations, and the sound of getting along. =) It's a blessing, loudness and all.

*Their appreciation of the small things melts me. They are grateful for me making their favorite meal... for the opportunity to wear "comfy" clothes to school on Fridays... for a special dessert..... extra time nights....a visit to the library.... a trip to the park....a surprise night out to watch our high school girls' soccer team in the Final Four. Of course they love the big outings, surprises, and gifts (and we do too!) but the way they appreciate the little, simple things and express their thankfulness is the sweetest.

*Their love of sports is the best! We are a sports loving family and it's pretty cool for us to ALL enjoy watching sports and being fans. It's something we all have in common and something I can share with them even as the only girl in the house. =) It's also pretty special watching them play sports... organized sports and backyard sports. I love, love, love to watch them play.

*The way they love the beach is my favorite! They have a love for the sand, ocean, and vacation that rivals mine. =) They talk about it, count down for it, get super excited about it, and enjoy it to the fullest once we're there each summer. It's a special place for our family and our most favorite way to vacation! And I'm thankful all 5 of us love it so much.

*Their love for family and being home is the best. I always say our favorite place to be is together and I'm soaking it up during this season big time. We love our downtime, we love our home, and most of all we love being together. It's isn't always sunshine and roses, but we ALL love and appreciate being home and being together.

*Their prayers, songs, and knowledge of Jesus is something I'm so grateful for. Garrison has accepted Jesus as his Savior but all 3 of them know that God made them and Jesus loves them and died for them. They don't understand it all quite yet but their faith is the sweetest and I pray they continue to grow in their love for and knowledge of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Happy Friday and Happy Mother's Day weekend! 

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