Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Few Pieces of News to Share

*We are declaring it official..... Austin is potty trained!! I can't believe my not-even 2 year old is going to the potty like a pro. We are SO proud of him! He's been wearing "big boy underwear" at home full time for a while now. We'd have our occassional accident but for the most part he would always stay dry, tell us when he had to go poop, and never fought going when we took him. We gradually tried outings in underwear and just this week started letting him wear it to school. And he's just kept right on making progress. Right now we still put him in a pull-up or diaper for nap time and bedtime. I'm thinking he's ready to try nap time with underwear since I can't remember the last time he was wet after his nap, however bedtime is a different story. We may be in diapers and pull-ups for in while in that department. But I'm okay with that because he "trained" and caught on so young. He even beat his brother's record of being potty trained at 2 years, 3 months. In my opinion, boys being harder has got to be a myth. Now if I could just figure out how to stop him from wanting to visit public restrooms multiple times... yuck.

*My sister and her fiance' are now proud homeowners!! Yaaaaaay! They signed on the dotted line Monday afternoon after a crazy, long, stressful journey of purchasing a short-sale home. The Lord definitely opened doors for them throughout the way and wanted them to have this house based on all the TOTAL craziness they went through to get it. My father-in-law was their agent on the sale and that was definitely a God-thing too. He worked long and hard for months to insure they would eventually close. And they did! We are so excited for them and thankful God provided a beautiful home for them to start married life together.

*Saturday we're heading to Barnesville to help in any way we can with Anna and Frankie's new house. I'm mainly going to entertain my kiddos and keep them out of the way... but my hubby is ready to be put to work... until our deadline of 4:00 when we'll need to wrap it up and head home. Saturday is a BIG day for my UGA-lovin husband. We're picking up pizza and watching the game start to finish. Both of us. One of his birthday requests was that I watch the entire Georgia-Clemson game with him. I'm going to try my best to keep my eyes open and my mind focused. Ha!

*Austin turns 2 on September 3rd so we have a fun birthday-Labor Day planned when we all have the day off together. Then, his party will be the following weekend. We are super busy finalizing everything and getting ready for our baby boy's big day.

*I have a doctor's appointment on Friday morning that has taken forever to get here. 5 weeks to be exact. I'm just ready to hear the heartbeat and know everything's okay. And, we get to find out Friday when we'll find out the gender of Baby Selph. I'm so excited! Of course we'd love a little girl what with already having 2 boys... and because girls are typcially close to their moms/families, BUT, this baby wasn't our try for a girl and we will be over the moon thrilled with another boy. Afterall, we know boys and haven't got a clue about girls. Haha. I LOVE my boys and they LOVE me back. =) Two moms I know at two separate times told me they wished every mom could have a boy and share that experience because it's a love like you've never known. And it's true. But girls are definitely special too and I think the friendships most girls share with their moms is pretty priceless as well. Whether Baby Selph is a girl or a boy we know it's God's doing and His plan for our family. We can't wait to find out and finally decide on a name and call it something besides it. =) I'll keep you posted...

That's it for now. Happy Wednesday!!

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