Wednesday, August 21, 2013

32 Reasons

Yesterday was Terrell's 32nd birthday and we had a really fun day celebrating. We started the day with cinnamon rolls and singing Happy Birthday to daddy, then I picked Garrison up early from school so we could all enjoy a family date for lunch. After Terrell got home from work we gave him his presents and then waited for my mom to come over so we could enjoy a date night by ourselves.

Other than me being sick, which put a total damper on things, this was my favorite part of the day...I got to get away for the evening and spend time alone with my favorite person. We talked, we ate good food, we talked some more, we laughed, we ate dessert... it was a great night. And, we had the night off from bath and bedtime... the craziest, most exhausting part of our day! The timing worked out really good with me feeling so crummy. Terrell made sure I went to bed early and has been the best nurse. I love and appreciate him more than he knows! Which is what made me decide to do a little birthday list for him... of reasons I love him and am thankful for the day he was born. =)

1. He loves me. Duh. =)
2. He gave me my babies.
3. He makes me laugh. Everyday.
4. He is supportive of me.
5. He helps clean the kitchen every night.
6. He prioritizes time with our boys and plays with them everyday.
7. He works hard for our family.
8. He kills any and every bug I come across.
9. He cleans toilets and bathrooms when I ask him to.
10. He grills delicious meals for us.
11. He is affectionate.
12. He takes Bailey out in all kinds of weather.
13. He does laundry.
14. He manages our money to the penny so I don't have to work full-time.
15. He listens to me even though I can be very long-winded.
16. He is laid back.
17. He is always willing to get up in the middle of the night if one of the boys happen to wake up.
18. He gives the boys a bath every night.
19. He is a great example for our boys.
20. He loves Jesus.
21. He does a couples devotional with me. Totally his idea. He picked out the book and everthing.
22. He helps dress the boys every morning and helps with breakfast.
23. He is close to his parents.
24. He is also close to my parents.
25. He prioritizes family time.
26. He takes me on dates.
27. He hugs me everyday.
28. He is willing to compromise.
29. He takes care of me when I'm sick.
30. He tries to make sure I get a little a "me time" every now and then.
31. He balances out my uptight, dramatic, type A self.
32. He is what makes us, US. =)

Happy Birthday again Terrell! I love you!!!

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