Thursday, August 15, 2013

1st Week Highs and Lows

*High: The boys are loving school! Garrison is enjoying Pre-K, making new friends, and having lots of fun. Austin has yet to cry and is loving his new teacher this year. It's a miracle! (The part about Austin not crying.)

*Low: On both Monday and Wednesday (the days Austin and I have school too) afternoons, the second we walk in the door, Austin has had a huge meltdown. Poor baby is just SO tired and in desperate need of a nap. It isn't easy wrestling with him getting him ready for his nap either. I'm praying tomorrow is a little easier when we walk in from school. (Garrison hasn't had any meltdowns he's just been tired and emotional during the late afternoons before supper. Bless his heart... and ours.)

*High: Waking them up yesterday was easier than waking them up Monday. And Tuesdays and Thursdays are nice because even though Garrison has school, they can both sleep late since we don't have to be there early...

*Low: Unfortunately, this morning (a day they COULD HAVE slept late), they both woke up early. Garrison woke up before 7:00 crying because his nose was stuffy and he couldn't breathe. He tried to go back to sleep but never could. Austin woke up right at 7:00 because of a huge poopy diaper. Sigh.

*High: On Wednesday after school I had the boys come to my room and stay in my room until we were ready to leave. That way I could keep my eye on them and they weren't running wild and getting into everything and being rough with 2 other little staff kids like they did Monday after school. I was so proud of them! They both played together quietly and cleaned up before it was time to leave. Yay!!

*Low: The boys are both sneezing a lot. Noooooooo! Garrison always starts a cold with lots of sneezing. I'm hoping this is just allergies or adjusting to weather changes. Sometimes their colds are fast and can't keep them down. Other times not so much. I almost let Garrison stay home from school today. But I'm glad I changed my mind. He had a great day.

*High: I am determined not to send the boys the same exact lunch to school day after day... especially Garrison who has to take a lunch every single day this year. And so far, so good! I've gotten a little more creative and am trying to make sure they have more variety and choices. They're both loving lunches this first week. Hopefully it will last.

*Low: My class this year is going to be way more of a challenge than my class last year. We have some students this year who have never been away from their parents... even in a church nursery once a week. And boy can you tell. We also have some potty training issues this year... that technically aren't supposed to be issues in a 3 year old class... but they are... so it should be an interesting year.

*High: Even though my school days have been crazy, my school nights have not! Yaaaay! I am sooooo thankful I'm not bringing home tons and tons to do. Pretty soon I'll have to do a few things at home so I can stay ahead but I am so appreciating the fact that I am NOT overwhelmed this year during the first week of school.

Even though we've had some highs and lows and are all adjusting to the new school year, overall we've had a great first week. One day to go before we wrap it up and can enjoy the weekend. So glad tomorrow is Friday!

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