Monday, August 26, 2013

Fun Filled Weekend

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend filled with a girls night, family time, a birthday celebration, more family time, and a special trip. We were all exhausted today but I'd say it was definitely worth it. =)

Friday night my in-laws came over to baby-sit so that Terrell could go to a work thing and so I could have a girls night. My boys were in heaven with their grandparents and loved every second of having Nana and Pops here, and I had the best time catching up with my teacher friends from the "Dream Team".

I taught 2nd grade with a group of 7 other ladies (of all different ages) my second year of teaching back in 2007-2008 and we formed a bond that's remained close even after we all went our separate ways. We worked together like a dream, supported one another, prayed for another, and even went on a weekend trip together that school year. We all got along so well and became such good friends, we deemed ourselves the Dream Team... and still call ourselves that to this day. We had been trying to get together for months so I was so thankful the conflict Terrell had didn't cause me to miss out. Another "member" and I are expecting babies within a week of each other so our next get together will be before the babies arrive. =)

Saturday was a really fun day too. We signed our big boy up for flag football. It's sponsored by a local church so it's similar to Upward programs and we're really excited. Garrison goes from being nervous to excited so we'll see how the season goes. We decided against soccer this season due to the fact that our Fall is crazy busy, soccer around these parts is super expensive, the season is really long, and we knew we'd have to miss at least 3 games. Sooo, it just wasn't worth it. We're praying flag football is fun, safe, and a great experience for our little man.

Saturday afternoon my parents, sister, and Frankie came over to celebrate Terrell's birthday with us. The boys loved having all that company. (In fact Austin hasn't stopped asking for every single one of them. =)) They had the best time playing and getting lots of extra attention. We had a delicious dinner out at one of our favorite local restaurants and then went to the Square for ice cream. My mom brought along a cake and candles too. Unfortunately it was too windy for the candles to stay lit but we got a big laugh out of crowding around the cake trying to block the wind while singing happy birthday super fast. The boys had a ball playing and eating and we had a super fun night...except apparently Austin ate too much. Way too much.

We woke up to a huge mess Sunday morning around 1:15 AM. Yuck. Poor baby threw up everything he had eaten the night before. Thankfully after we got him and his bed cleaned up and a load of laundry started he went right back to sleep and slept all night.

Then, bright and early Sunday morning, Terrell and his dad got on a plane bound for St. Louis to watch the Braves play the Cardinals. They visit a new baseball stadium every year and make it a day trip. This year they went to the Gateway Arch while they were there and rode to the top. Here are the pictures Terrell sent me...

The tiny, 5-seater, "capsule" you ride in to the top... which takes 4 minutes. Terrell wasn't a huge fan. Ha!
The view from the top looking straight down. Whoa.
After the game, (which the Braves won!), they saw John Smoltz and Brian Jordan at the airport and they were both nice enough to pose for a picture. We are huge fans of them both and since Brian Jordan knows me (we once made eye contact and he winked at me and smiled really big... probably because I was so star struck... however, I'm sure he definitely remembers me), that picture in particular is special because it should have been me in it. Haha!

The boys and I woke up to a crazy start to our day but finally made it to church in Barnesville and spent the day with my parents, AnAn and Frankie, my uncle, and my grandparents. It worked out great having extra help with the boys and spending time with family I don't get to see that often.

We all missed daddy big time though. I know some families/couples/husbands travel often and would probably veiw a day trip out of state as no big deal...but it's a very big deal to us. This annual baseball trip is literally our once a year time apart due to travel. (Just call us spoiled I guess.) And it's tough on everybody. Garrison and Austin both struggled with daddy being away (mainly when they woke up, on our way home from Barnesville yesterday afternoon, and at bedtime), and I struggled with nerves and just wanting him to be safe. When your husband leaves the state once a year on an airplane... and that's it... you just feel sort of antsy the whole time. Or at least I do. (And I'm guessing it's because it's only once a year versus a regular thing we're used to.) God blessed them with a great trip and a safe arrival home late last night. The boys were SO happy to see daddy this morning and so was I!

This was the longest weekend recap ever, but we filled it up full with lots of fun. Now we're looking forward to a long weekend coming up and celebrating my baby turning 2!!

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