Monday, August 12, 2013

1st Day of School

Today was our first day of school! Garrison started Pre-K and Austin started another year in the 1 year old class. And this time my baby boy is the oldest instead of the youngest! He even went to the potty twice. Yay! They both did GREAT. I was very proud. We had some drama this morning getting ready for school... waking up early is hard to do. Then we had a little drama after school... having your kids at work with you is hard to do. But, they had a GREAT school day and I am so, so grateful. To celebrate we went and picked up a small ice cream cake to enjoy tonight after supper. =) 

They have both grown so much since the first day of school last year. They were total pros today. Mama has grown too... not just because of baby Selph, but as a teacher. Last year I didn't have a single student cry. Today almost half of our class cried. It was a stressful start to the day but I never panicked and never got flustered. Praise the Lord! We made the most of our day even though separation anxiety ran rampant through our room. =)

I also had way more energy than I expected. Last year the first day TOTALLY wiped me out. This year, despite my pregnancy exhaustion, I was up for the challenge. God supplied me with every bit of what I needed to get through the school day with energy to spare. I am definitely tired and will most certainly be going to bed early, but I am praising Him for His faithfulness. We survived the first day!!


Melissa said...

Yay! So glad everyone had a great day! E has always been the oldest in his classes and its been a blessing! Can you believe our first babies are already in pre-k? Crazy how fast time flies! I will be working at the boys preschool this year and am excited for this new chapter! Any advice you have for the kids being at work with you?

Meggie said...

Thanks Melissa! It IS crazy to have your baby in Pre-K. Where does the time go?

That's really exciting that you're going to be working at the boys preschool. I love having the same schedule and having such a fun, "lighweight" job. Having them with me before and after school is a challenge... especially after school when they're just sort of ready to run wild and get into everything. I think my biggest advice would be to go ahead and establish some rules. For my boys last year I had them pick a room to play in (and of course they always had to clean up... or they were supposed to!). That way they weren't running wild in the hallway and in and out of rooms where I couldn't keep up with them. This year I'm going to try to make them stay in my room after school so I can watch them at all times and they won't be under the influence of another staff child who doesn't bring out the best in my children. Also, I try my best to leave quickly after school. By the end of the day they're just tired and a little out of sorts so it's best for all of us if we can leave pretty soon once the school day is over. Of course I have a few after school responsibilites to take care of but after that we're out of there. I would rather bring some things home to work on than try to work at school with my kids running around like crazy. Lol! Hope that helps a little and hope you have a great school year!!