Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's Top 4

1. We get to kick off a long weekend this afternoon! I'm so looking forward to the extra day we'll have off with daddy. An extra day off for mama is nice, but an extra day off for daddy is super nice! We have plans to go to the hometown to celebrate my Nanny's birthday, go out on one last date before baby boy arrives, and hopefully clean the house a little and do more to get ready for our next big events... Garrison's 5th birthday party and welcoming our newest family member.

2. Every January for the past few years we have been consumed with planning our annual beach vacation. Consumed. It is CRAZY the amount of time and energy that goes into the process. I said last year we weren't going to wait til January to start searching for the right place to spend our week away in the summer... but we sort of had a busy fall what with a wedding and everything. Then Terrell and I were torn about financial decisions related to this year with a new baby and losing my income. BUT, we decided once and for all we are seeing a beach this summer, Lord willing, so consumed we will be with this search. Maybe we'll find "the one" soon. I sure hope so.

3. This morning for my quiet time I read from my devotional something I really loved... even though it's a sort of tough reminder... Few things in life are more sad, or for that matter, more absurd, than grumpy Christians. Christ promises us lives of abundance and joy if we accept His love and His grace. Yet sometimes, even the most righteous among us are beset by fits of ill temper and frustration. During these moments we may not feel like turning our thoughts and prayers to Christ, but if we seek to gain perspective and peace, that's precisely what we must do. Reeally something to ponder over. Having a good attitude and being cheerful should be traits we possess as Christians. It's not always easy but this is such a great reminder.

4. Bedtime continues to be a battle here at our house. That is all. Haha. We have seen some glimmers of hope for improvement but then they fade away. I think perspective is the best way for us to "survive" all the frustration that has come with these past few weeks of issues. It won't last forever. For the most part, we are getting good sleep. One day I won't be totally exhausted and super uncomfortable at bedtime and just ready to give up. Okay, so maybe I'll be totally exhausted at bedtime for a while to come, BUT, I won't be so uncomfortable that I feel like I'm going to cry if I have to keep sitting on Austin's bed attempting to rein him in for one more minute. In other words, it will get better. Eventually. In the meantime, we just have to keep the right perspective... and attitude.

And I couldn't think of a 5th thing, hence "Friday's Top 4". =) Happy Friday!!

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