Tuesday, January 7, 2014

34 Weeks!

Brrrrr. We are home for one last day of Christmas break and soo thankful we don't have to leave the house until late this afternoon. Mama is flying solo tonight since daddy has an out of town meeting... so we'll have to venture out into the cold for take-out... but that's it. Two days in a row of being stuck inside have been nice for the most part. I'm just thankful we're warm and that we've had a good balance of busy and lazy here at home.
I'm 34 weeks today so here's an update on baby Layton... we're on the home stretch now!

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 34 weeks... we're almost there! Wow. I've known since June this little bundle of joy would be joining our family in February and now it's almost here!

Size of Baby: 19-22 inches and weighs over 4 pounds... the size of a pineapple

Total Weight Gained/Lost: 26 and counting. Yikes. Mama is growing.

Maternity Clothes: Almost 100%.

Gender: A baby brother for the big boys

Movement: He is still moving lots. He's also bigger, stronger, and running out of room. I can feel him pushing on me now just like I did with Austin... not always the most comfortable thing but thankful to know he's there and okay.

Food Cravings: Ice cream, chocolate candy, cookies. Sweets are just calling my name all the time. No wonder I'm gaining fast.

What I Miss: Good sleep, getting around easily, being able to put on my shoes without any issues, not running out of breath so easy, etc.
Sleep: Sleep hasn't been going so great. I had a couple of really rough nights where I just could not get comfortable and fall asleep and stay asleep. Since those nights things have improved some, I just wake up multiple times changing positions or because my back hurts or because I'm hot. Thankfully I've been able to go back to sleep somewhat easily.

Symptons: I have to go (potty that is) all. the. time. He's got to be directly on my bladder now. I get uncomfortable easily. I've had a few Braxton Hicks. I'm worn out constantly...just noticed fatigue and exhaustion in the past week or 2. I definitely don't remember being this tired at the end of my pregnancies with Garrison and Austin. And, I've had the sharp pains on my inner right thigh just like I had with Austin. Ouch!

Best Moment This Week: Extra time at home with my big boys before we go back to school and things get crazy, and getting the nursery semi set-up. It's precious. =)

What I'm Looking Forward To: More family time and baby prep!
And these 2 sleepy heads requested a picture this morning too.

Austin's update at 34 weeks

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