Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday's Top 4

For some reason I only have 4 things... for the 2nd Friday in a row. Anyway, here are my top 4 things to share before heading into our weekend...

1. This morning at school one of my sweet parents along with my whole class of preschoolers gave me a shower. It was precious. I got lots of diapers, wipes, and other necessities, plus some cutesy things. It was such a thoughtful and sweet gesture I've decided I must make this happen in the future if one of my children ever have a pregnant teacher. =)

2. Terrell and I have had a CRAZY busy week with all the party prep we've had going on. Tomorrow is the day! We're celebrating my big boy turning 5! This party has seemed very last minute from the start considering the "venue" was a BIG decision, the theme was a BIG decision, the cake was a BIG decision, etc. Sigh. Someone inherited their mama's indecisive traits. Bless him. He changed his mind about 50 times trying to decide whether he wanted a superhero theme or a pirate theme. (Several other themes were brought up and discussed but it all came down to deciding between superheros and pirates.) Then he changed his mind about where he wanted the party to be held. Then he thought he might want a reptile party here at our house with real, live reptiles. (We've never hosted a birthday party at our house because of space and the fact that he has a Winter birthday so being outside isn't typically an option... not that we have much of a yard anyway). So he finally decided against that. Then we sort of made a final decision for him on the party location and let him decide the theme. Whew. It was a whirlwind. And we haven't slowed down since. Plus we're having a baby soon. Plus my littlest has been sick. But tomorrow is party day and hopefully it will be fun, wonderful, special, and memorable for our Garrison Cade. Can't believe he's almost 5.

3. My littlest man came down with a bad cold early this week. Poor baby had it rough. After going to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon we found out he also had an ear infection (caused by the cold) and that he needed breathing treatments. Our first experience ever with breathing treatments. So far he's done really great. He's doing much better and we are so thankful. Now we're just hoping we get to sleep through the night for a stretch before Layton arrives. I think it's possible.... I hope it's possible.... It's just gotta be possible.

4. We finally booked our vacation to the beach!! It consumed our every waking moment for a while there but we finally got it done. After being "beat out" for our first 2 choices of places to stay, we found "the one" and it's much cheaper than our first 2 choices. This is a huge blessing! (The price AND the fact that the search is over!!)

Happy Weekend!

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