Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Gifts That Keep Giving

It's time for my 3rd annual THANK YOU blog post to all of our family for spoiling the boys this Christmas! They had a really great Christmas and have enjoyed all of their gifts. Seriously. Everything has been a hit. This year we scaled back a little and focused less on quantity and more on quality and it was definitely the right decision. Here are a few pics of the boys with some of their Christmas gifts... the perfect way to show and say thanks!

Playing at their new lego table. This is a toy I know they'll get more and more use and enjoyment out of as they grow... a really good trait for a gift! 

Garrison's "Gear Builders" have been super fun for both boys. Even though it's technically Garrison's gift, Austin has enjoyed them just as much as big brother. The gears occupied them for about 45 minutes yesterday afternoon while I cooked supper. It was heavenly!

Austin is loving Bucky and the crew from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. (Garrison is too.) Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a big deal at our house right now.
Stamping fun! The boys are loving their new stamps. The day I got these pics, Austin stayed at the table almost an hour. That's a record for my littlest man sitting and "crafting". He was covered in ink afterwards but he was most certainly engaged and enjoying himself.

Garrison got the first 4 books in the Magic Treehouse series and we've finished them all! We're looking forward to him getting more for his birthday. I highly recommend this series for introducing chapter books.
Who Shook Hook is a favorite for our firstborn. Maybe one day, little brother can participate too... for now he doesn't quite understand the importance of grabbing treasure without waking up Captain Hook.
Austin loves his Linking Letter Monkeys... and so does Garrison... and so does mama. These have been great for letter recognition, sorting, counting, etc. And it really is amazing how so many gifts are enjoyed by both boys. Guess it's a sign of having 2 big boys now.
Filling up with gas before a big race. =) Once the weather warms up and we're going outside multiple times a week we're planning to move the gas station to the garage so we can pull it out when they're driving their cars. That's when they play "getting gas" the most so it should be even more fun.
Garrison is loving his new Kindle... and Austin's pretty fond of it too.
And their most favorite bath toy that gets played with every single night... the ferry boat and cars. Huge hit!

Thanks SO much to the grandparents, aunts, and uncles for being so generous to our kiddos yet again. They are enjoying all of their gifts, even the ones not pictured, to the fullest. January has not been boring for the Selph boys. They were truly blessed with gifts that keep giving. So fun!

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Lauren and Eddie said...

James got Who Shook Hook, too, and it's fun! Reminds me of Operation!