Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Over the weekend I had two wonderful showers to celebrate Baby Layton and his upcoming arrival. They were both such blessings to us that I could have cried Sunday night going through everything. When you're having your 3rd baby of the same gender people don't make such a big deal over you and the baby. Ha! So we honestly weren't sure whether we'd have a shower or not. How blessed are we that we got to have TWO?!
The first shower was an "Orange Room" baby shower. I teach in the Orange Room/3 year old class at school and one of my parents sent home this invitation with all of my students. How precious?!!

This was the most thoughtful gesture. And I LOVE the idea. It's so sweet and involves the students and blesses the teacher. I will definitely do this in the future if one of my babies has a pregnant teacher. It was the sweetest thing ever. I left Friday afternoon with a car load full of goodies for my newest baby boy. We got lots of diapers and wipes and necessities. Such a blessing!
And we got to enjoy these precious, delicious cookies. They were a hit!
Then on Sunday afternoon all the girls from work/school gave me a shower. It was very laid back... we went out to a Mexican restaurant and I opened gifts while we waited on our food. I was totally overwhelmed at everyone's genorosity and excitement to celebrate our 3rd baby boy. My mom and sister made the trip over (for the 2nd day in a row) too! It was such a fun afternoon.

I got so many nice and needed things and Terrell and I are SO grateful!!


As soon as we found out we were having another boy we realized we were going to need lots... and decided to go ahead and register just in case. The chances of all of your baby stuff surviving a 3rd round is not that high. We had to throw away or get rid of several items just because they were so worn or ruined or old. Having these two school showers has been the biggest blessing. And the fact that my mom is treating this baby like our first has been a pretty big deal too. =)
We have everything almost ready for Layton to use and enjoy. We still need a few "decorative" things for the nursery... and to get our room set-up as a mini nursery for at least the first week or month or so...but everything else is just about ready to go. Everything went great with my 37 week appointment this morning so now we're just waiting on our ultrasound (scheduled for a week from today). The countdown is on!

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