Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Days

It snowed at our house! Yay!!! We haven't seen a good snow in about 3 years so we were ready for the white stuff. My littlest's first ever snow and my big boy's first ever snow he can remember! It's always so pretty and so nice to enjoy... especially if you're able to be home and not have to travel or get out and about. My boys have LOVED it.

On yesterday we read some books about snow starting around 11:00 and as soon as we'd finish one they'd go to the door to check for snowflakes. Finally a little after 12:00 it started. We watched it fall while we ate lunch. Garrison said Thank you God for sending the snow. Precious.

The bank closed yesterday about 2:00 so daddy got to spend the afternoon home with us... which means the boys finally got to go out in the snow after naptime. It was freezing cold but lots of fun!

They made snowballs for a few minutes... then kicked the soccer ball with daddy for a few minutes... then mama insisted they come inside. We do not keep snow attire for the boys and it was so, so cold I didn't like the thought of them being outside too long. Just call me over protective I guess.

Thankfully we found some big winter jackets in the back of their closet (one hand-me-down and one consignment shop find from my mom). But we don't have winter boots and we had to put socks on their hands for gloves. Oh the shame.

In our defense, they've outgrown or not needed gloves for the past 2 years so socks were our only option. Poor babies. The ironic thing is we just redeemed some "super cash" rewards from Old Navy and ordered them both hats and gloves... they just haven't arrived yet. Oh well. The socks worked okay and no one was frost bitten.

We went to bed last night praying for all the people stranded or still trying to get home. And our brother-in-law who was out working all night. What a mess. But this morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow and a surprise day off for daddy. It turned out to be such a fun day. We got some things done around house, let the boys go out to play in the snow after lunch and then again after naptime, and made another freezer meal (8 out of 10 complete!).

They decided to clean off their slide and loved touching the snow... with their double layer of socks on for mittens. =)

They also went up to the golf course with daddy. Mama just couldn't hang. I was freezing. Brrrrrr!
They ran their hearts out on the golf course and Terrell sent me these pictures...
Pure joy...
Times two!
Then we decided to try out a homemade sled. Turns out baby pools have more than one use.

They loved "sledding". Terrell has decided he's getting them a real sled for the next time it snows. Which may be another few years, but at least we'll be prepared. They got to go back out after naptime and pretty much spent all their time sledding down the front yard. I think it's safe to say some fun memories were made.

The snow has been a big hit and I'm so thankful my boys got to experience it finally. And that we've had no where to be or go. A warm home on cold days is such a blessing. Tomorrow is another day off school for us. Yay for snow days!


Melissa said...

I only had gloves for Micah, Elijah used socks too... Don't feel bad! He thought it was so cool anyway! So glad they enjoyed the snow too!

Meggie said...

Haha! Glad we weren't the only ones! =)