Friday, January 31, 2014

LOTS Happening

We have a LOT going on right now. Obviously we have a baby boy coming soon... and there is much preparation still in the works, but we also have LOTS of other stuff happening too.

*Our birthday outing/big brother day is tomorrow! We're hoping it's special and fun for both boys.

*My biggest boy's 5th birthday is Wednesday!! It's a school day for all of us but we still must celebrate on his actual birthday. This is a big one. Balloons, donuts, treats at school, his favorite meal all must be a part of his special day. (Although our ultrasound is scheduled for the day before... the same ultrasound with Austin that we were told you have to have the baby right away. Soooo, I'm trying to be prepared for anything, all the while praying my firstborn and third born don't share a birthday.)

*My Granny (my mom's mom) has been in the hospital over a week now. We've seen improvements and then setbacks, then little improvements, then more setbacks. It's just been a roller coaster for sure. She is still very weak and we aren't sure what type of rehab/physical therapy is best... or what the next step is to helping her get well. Please pray for her. And my mom and PawPaw who have been with her almost around the clock.

*We have Valentine's Day coming up... Not a huge deal for us but still a holiday we celebrate and acknowledge. The boys will take Valentines to school. Terrell and I will plan a special treat or two for them at home. We usually get take-out and try to make it somewhat special for Terrell and I. And I'd love to start my Project I Love You Because again this year. However, baby boy could arrive anytime between now and then. Which means I need the boys' Valentines ready to go soon. And their treats/gifts from Terrell and I ready to go soon. And my little project started soon... if I still want to attempt it. Sigh. Busy times.

*Kindergarten registration is upon us. *Tear. We are "registering" 3 different times with 3 different schools and have NO idea where our baby will end up. It is HARD not knowing. All 3 of our options are public school options but one is a lottery you enter to determine whether you're "in" or not, one is the next county over so we have to be "approved" to go there (and won't know whether we're approved or not til June), and one is an online public charter school which will essentially mean me homeschooling him. Gathering up the 576 forms and paper work needed to get him registered has been a little stressful in the midst of everything else we have going on, but the not knowing what to do and having so much out of our control has been really tough. Then, to make matters worse, Garrison just about broke my heart yesterday when his anxiety over Kindergarten came out. He said, I just want to go to AnAn's school. (The school where my sister teaches in our hometown of Barnesville.) That is the best school. That is the only school I'm going to go to. But mama, when I go to Kindergarten I'm gonna be away from Austin. He told me all this on the verge of tears. Oh my heart! Covering it in prayer is all we can do.

*And last but not least... yesterday we had a pipe burst near our back door in our dining room. The pipe that goes to our outside spicket. Thankfully I was home and able to get in touch with Terrell who was in a meeting out of town. He called one of our neighbors who, Praise the Lord, was able to come over right away and turn our water off. We were also blessed that a recommended plumber was in the area and able to spend the entire afternoon trying to get our running water back on without more flooding. It definitely could have been so much worse. We have wet carpet in our dining room and a hole in our ceiling but other than that things are pretty normal. The timing is sort of terrible but we'll be fine. God is faithful.

So there's an update on all the many, many things we having going on. I'm so thankful and reassured that God has ALL of it in His hands. The good and the not so good happenings. To quote one of the boys' new books... A thankful heart is a happy heart, "I'm glad for what I have", that's an easy way to start. For the love that He shares, 'cause He listens to my prayers, that's why I say thanks everyday! =)

Happy Weekend!!


The McCorkle Family said...

We had a pipe burst, and I had a plumber at my house yesterday, too! No fun at all, but like you said, it could be worse. :-)

Meggie said...

Oh no! It definitely has not been fun! Hope things get back to normal for both of us soon. =)