Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Big Thank You

My favorite way to say thanks for anything one of my kids received used to be writing a little thank you note in their words (literally or my interpretation of what I thought they'd say) and including a picture or two of them playing with the gift. And family members LOVED this. But that was before 3 kiddos and back when my ambitions were super high. Haha! Now it's reeally hard to find the time to have a picture or 10 printed, pull out the card stock, glue or tape the picture(s) in, write a sweet- from the mouths of babes- thank you card to all of our family members, and get them addressed, stamped, and in the mail. It's not impossible... just almost impossible and highly unlikely to happen. 

So instead, at Christmas, I like to write one big thank you blog post to everybody for all of the kids' gifts. As soon as I see the boys playing with a Christmas gift I grab my phone and snap away so I can also post pictures of the boys with their gifts. It's the same concept I had once upon a time but much easier on mama. =)

THANKS fam for all the fun gifts you bestowed upon our babies this Christmas! They are loving everything and are having the best time enjoying your gifts!!

Layton got a little doctor's kit and loves it. He's played with my old one (an antique, ha) at my parents' house hundreds of times so now he has his very own. It's been a big hit and the cutest sight. At this point he mainly doctors himself. Checks his ears, wears the bandaid, listens to his heart. Maybe one day he'll expand his practice. Haha. 

One of the boys' most popular gifts (and life savers for the cold Winter months) has been this indoor basketball goal. We found the perfect spot for it in the basement and they play basketball almost every single day now. They LOVE this thing. Even Layton attempts to play. The boys play together independently really well with it but their most favorite thing is when Terrell play HORSE with them. They usually try to get in a game or two after Terrell gets home from work and while I'm finishing up supper. It's been a HUGE favorite.

Layton got this fun karaoke player that all 3 boys love. It has tons of familiar songs on it and who can resist a fun microphone?! You should hear Austin singing away into it. Haha! Baby A loves it too so I've started attempting a little music time with them using the songs. It's a different spin on our usual If You're Happy and You Know It and Itsy Bitsy Spider. =) 

All 3 boys got their very own soccer ball for Christmas. Yaaaaayyyyy!! No more fighting over the same ball! They love playing soccer almost every time we go outside so a soccer ball for each of them is a pretty perfect gift. They're each unique in color but the exact same in terms of size and "official game ball" status. These are going to be played with and loved for years.

Speaking of something that will be played with and loved for years.... the big boys got remote control motorcycles! I honestly don't think boys ever outgrow their love of anything remote control. =) These have been super durable and the perfect indoor activity. They love playing with them... and Layton is highly entertained by them too. I'd say they consider their motorcycles their coolest gift this Christmas. 

The boys got lots of clothes for Christmas but their Under Armor suits are their fave! I must admit they're a favorite of mine and Terrell too. Adorable, sporty, cute, and matching! =)

Layton is so funny with this little toy. It's a dog with a "bowl" on top of his head that rolls around on the floor tilting forward and backwards. You're supposed to try to toss bones in the bowl before it dumps them out but Layton just follows it around cleaning up after it. Haha. It entertains him for a while and keeps him busy when I'm busy so it's a win-win!

Ah, the robes. We love robes when it's cold. They're mostly used on weekend mornings and occasionally on week nights after bath time. And thankfully they have plenty of room to grow in these so they can be used for several Winters to come. =)

All 3 boys got some really great books that have been read and enjoyed tons already. I am sooo thankful for their love of books and reading!

Does this toy look familiar? I think I had one when I was little. If there is anything Layton really loves other than all kinds of balls it is animals. He is all about books with animals, animal sounds, stuffed animals, etc. So this toy has been perfect for him. And wouldn't you know the big brothers enjoy it too. =) There's a "quiz" option that's Austin's favorite because it asks you a question and if you point to the right animal it lets you know if you got it correct. Pretty sure my version of this toy didn't have that feature. Ha.

Not pictured gifts that we KNOW will be favorites are the new baseball bats and gloves and binoculars for the big boys and Layton's new t-ball set. The weather has been so cold lately our time outside is super limited. But these gifts are going to be huge hits for sure! Also, Kara's family got our family the gift of an experience this year... A season pass to the Georgia Aquarium! We were super surprised and really excited!! This is where we're planning to take Garrison for his birthday trip coming up and I know we'll enjoy visiting lots throughout the year! A pretty special gift that every single family member will love. =)

Huge THANK YOU again to the grandparents, aunts, and uncles for your spirit of giving this Christmas! The boys love and appreciate all of their special gifts!!

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