Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Currently it is mid January and it is cold. But things are warm and cozy inside and that's one of my favorite things about Winter. A slower pace and being inside together in the evenings. The afternoons can drag on if we can't get outside, but the evenings are my favorite. Both with the boys before bedtime and after they're in bed when we just get to unwind and watch a favorite show. Things just feel peaceful on Winter evenings instead of crazy and busy like some of the other seasons.

The last time I updated on our current events here at home was back in October so I decided it was time for another one. Here's a look at life around here currently....

*Eating... Last night the boys and I got take-out from one of our favorite pizza places since Terrell is out of town. It was really unhealthy but really delish. Desperate times. Ha. Tonight Terrell will be home so we're getting back on track with baked chicken, peas, mashed potatoes, and rolls. We haven't had bread with every meal in years and years but it's making a come back thanks to Layton Selph. The only way I can get him to eat vegetables is by hiding them in bites of bread. Sigh. Whatever works I guess. Maybe one day he'll eat them all on his own. He used to love green beans but won't even hardly touch them now. So hiding in bread will have to continue. He does still love his fruit and veggie combo squeezables, so that's a plus. The bread trick has worked perfect so far with green beans, peas, and carrots. Tonight I may try to sneak in some mashed potatoes and chicken. Fingers crossed! Haha.

*Planning... Our oldest baby went down and joined the church Sunday morning and told Brother Garth that he wants to be baptized and that he gave his heart to Jesus last week. It was such a special moment. Our families were there and came down to stand with us after Garrison was introduced to the congregation. The words that were said to us and the celebration we experienced is something I'll always remember. It was just so special and sweet. AND, this Sunday Garrison will be baptized. We didn't know it would work out this fast but Frankie is also being baptized on Sunday along with 2 other little boys Garrison knows and he is so excited we just really wanted to go ahead while he's ready and confident. So the first and most important thing we're planning for is Garrison's baptism. Thank you Jesus for your saving grace.

We're also planning Garrison's 7th birthday party and Layton's 2nd birthday party. Garrison's party is coming up at the end of this month and Layton's will be next month. Other than finalizing a few details, I *think* we just about have Garrison's planned. Which means it's almost time to shift my focus to Layton's party. Until of course Garrison's party gets closer in which I'll have to shift back to Garrison's. Then I'll have to think about Valentine's Day at some point too. It's a crazy time. Last year I wrote some notes to myself about planning 2 parties and not forgetting about Valentine's and I've already re-read that post in an effort to stay on top of things. I'm excited about both boys' themes and hope the parties turn out super fun for them both! It'd also be great if the weather would cooperate for Garrison's. =)

*Loving... The fact that our new house was MADE for 3 little boys. Even though being stuck inside is hard sometimes what with getting bored or just craving being outside, they have so much space to run and play and be boys in this house and I am so thankful and do not take it for granted. I'm currently also loving Garrison Cade's new glasses (he got them yesterday and looks adorable!), Winter evenings, party planning, quiet naptimes, a successful hosting of our first guests of the new year (Terrell's parents and Granny last Saturday night) and plans for hosting again coming up, my mom being retired, Terrell's job, and the long weekend coming up.

*Not Loving... Trying to keep up with all the crumbs and dirt or grass we track in. Sometimes I feel like all I do is sweep. Sweep after meals. Sweep at the end of the day. Sweep after they come in from playing outside. Sweep after another meal. It is out of control. I can't seem to stay ahead. I don't know if we're just that messy or what. I really want a light, small, effective, cordless vacuum. I think that would be such a time saver. Sweeping my whole kitchen seems to take forever. Also not loving.... the fact that my baby has to give up his paci soon! Waaaahhh! I'm dreading it something serious. And I read an article this week that made me question taking it away so early. But we've always said 2 is our limit. Before 2 actually. And I just don't want to be those parents who slack on everything with the baby. But it sure is tempting!! February 1st is coming fast. Boo.

*Watching... Our shows are back from their holiday break so we're back to watching! Scorpion, Blue Bloods, and Hawaii Five-O are faves but our most favorite, Blindspot, doesn't come back until February 29th. Ahhhhh. We also tried out Shades of Blue this week and aren't sold yet. The story line was a little too much for my taste. We may give it one more shot but I like shows with families, friendships, a little romance, happy endings, etc and I'm not sure any of that is possible with this new one. 

*Reading... I just finished Winter Stroll by Elin Hilderbrand which is book #2 in a Christmas triology. I'm betting the last book won't be out until the Fall and it's going to be hard to wait that long to see what happens with everybody! It was a good one but you have to read Winter Street first. I just really love Elin Hilderbrand and all of her novels. Since Winter Stroll came in from the library I stopped what I was reading to read it, but now that I'm finished I'm back to reading Bread & Wine. This book is very unique. I've never read anything quite like it. I'm really enjoying it so far it's just different. It's essentially a series of short stories from the author's life that all center around food, serving, hosting, and "life around the table". All from her perspective as a Christian, a mom, a wife, a cook.

*Trying... I'm trying really hard to finalize the colors for both of the birthday boys' parties. It's a little tricky this year because both themes are sort of wide open to lots of colors. (Animal explorer/safari/wildlife and Balls) But I like going with a color scheme for parties because then I can coordinate everything...balloons, the cake, the plastic tablecloths, the favors, plates and napkins, etc, etc. Maybe it will come together soon! We're also trying to decide what the birthday boys want for their birthdays. Having a birthday within 2 months of Christmas is tough on gift ideas.

*Hoping... Garrison adjusts quickly to his glasses, we have a really fun and sweet long weekend together, we can get our next "hosting" event planned (something I've never done before and that Terrell won't even be here for, haha), Terrell gets home way in time for supper like his boys are expecting him to, and last but not least, Layton adjusts quickly to sleeping without a paci when the time comes.  

*Wanting... A good snow fall this Winter! Not ice or power outages or anything crazy but enough to play in and enough for the boys to go sledding on. It would be so fun for them and so pretty and an extra day off school would be wonderful too. =)

*Needing... Hmmm... Peace of mind and CLEAR direction about what I should be doing for the upcoming school year. We have some ideas and some opportunities but they all have pros and cons. And those cons get me every time we discuss the topic. Which makes the whole CLEAR direction thing not so clear. I think God is calling us to step out in faith no matter what direction we choose to go in. I just want to do what's best for my family. Obviously we need to be aware of our financial needs first and foremost, but we also need to keep what's best for our babies in the day to day scheme of things front and center too. No matter what, we're trusting God and choosing joy and good attitudes. And I'm thankful for that. It's not a burden or worry if you've given it to God and you're trusting him with all of it. And if you're keeping a positive attitude. I can't tell you how great that's been for me since I made a conscious, intentional decision to change my outlook and attitude.

And I think that covers all of our current happenings around here. Happy Tuesday afternoon!

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