Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites: Party Countdown Edition

This week has been sort of slow, sort of crazy, sort of good, sort of not. Haha. The slow part has made the week long. It felt like it took a long time to get to Friday. The crazy part has been all the party prep. We are busily crossing things off our to-do list and readying ourselves and our house for the big 7th birthday party occurring here tomorrow. I think I've been out and about running errands every single day this week and doing lots of cleaning and preparing around the house. The good has come in the form of some surprise days off for me to get prepared for said party, and the not so good has been me trying to kick this crud I've had for weeks. My wonderful NP/bestie came to my rescue so hopefully I'll be back to normal soon!

Here's a look at all my faves from the week...

*Monday was one of those surprise days off for me, so while Garrison and Austin were at school Layton and I tackled some shopping. I had coupons that were about to expire and cash rewards to use. I *think* the boys are ready for Easter! And I know it's early to be thinking about Easter but Easter comes in March this year and I just didn't want to be last minute... plus I had coupons. =) My shopping buddy did great!

*After our busy morning shopping, picking Austin up from school, and a quick lunch, this little man crashed and was worn out. I had to wake him up so we could go pick Garrison up. Such sweetness. Can't believe it's almost time to take the paci. It's going to be so tough on my mama heart!

*Our biggest boy had an eye check-up this week and everything looks great. His vision is perfect with the glasses and he only has to wear them as needed. Which we're totally leaving up to him after getting the okay from the doctor himself. He did his homework while we waited which meant no homework for us once we got home after 5! YAY. #itsthelittlethings

*Post bath silliness on Garrison's bed. Oh these boys. So much fun, so much craziness. =)

*I've mentioned before I think that the big boys are SO into college and professional sports right now... watching them, teams' records, teams' rankings, all of it. Well the new thing this week as been scrolling through scores every morning on Terrell's ESPN app while they eat breakfast. They are literally checking all the scores of all the games from the night before... which right now is college basketball and the NBA. They are sooo into it. I can't even really describe it. Garrison is like a statistician keeping up with all the records and rankings of each team and Austin is all about the scores and the winners. It's crazy. Ha. Quiz them on college basketball rankings or who's the best in the NBA and they know it. Quiz them on scores from the night before and they know it. At least we're all sports lovers in this house and we're accepting of their obsession. Haha!

*Garrison brought home a number comparison worksheet the other day that he didn't have to complete so Austin and I tackled it together. I asked him to tell me each number and then to circle the number that was biggest. He knew every single one. I am so proud of him. My teacher-mama heart overflows.

*Layton is loving his slide! Santa made a good choice. =)

*It's pretty rare for me to have a naptime to myself anymore. Austin is starting to have nap time in the living room most days and just "rests" and Garrison doesn't take naps when he's home, so when I had a rare moment of naptime solitude this week I made the most of it! I got Layton and Baby A put to bed about an hour before Austin got home from school. Terrell's mom picked him up and took him out to lunch before bringing him home. So while I had the place to myself I did a little laundry and caught up on Fixer Upper. Ahhh. Bliss. 

*Family Game Night! We're on a roll with this one. =)

*My grocery helper who as soon as we got inside with all the groceries but before I had a chance to say thank you said, You're welcome mom for all your help. Hahaha. He was perfectly sincere and matter of fact about his you're welcome. =)

*Our littlest love now requests to go night night with a book. It's the cutest. Hopefully it will help with the no paci adjustment too. A book plus his array of little lovies he sleeps with. The blue thing between Scout and the turtle is a Pete figurine from Mickey Mouse. Ha. 

*Terrell sent me this of Garrison while they were waiting in the car rider line yesterday morning. Haha. A little pandora before starting the school day. =) 

This weekend we are super excited to celebrate Garrison Cade's 7th birthday. It's the highlight of our weekend and our year so far. =) His first party/major play date at home! We're hoping it's fun for everyone, especially the birthday boy. After a special church service and fun "5th Sunday" we'll be celebrating Terrell's mom's birthday with family before resting up and recovering from our celebration-filled weekend. We're looking forward to it all! Happy Friday!!