Monday, January 4, 2016

Our New Year's Long Weekend

I normally don't document much about our New Year's each year because we never have big plans and if the holiday happens to fall in the middle of week we definitely don't do much of anything. We just go out to eat on NYE and enjoy our mid-week day at home with daddy. But this year since it happened to give us a long weekend I decided to share all the little happenings we enjoyed. It was a fun long weekend and a great way to kick off our new year. =)

We started New Year's Eve bright and early by taking Austin to the dentist for his very first dental check-up. Terrell had to work so I had all 3 boys with me and other than the crazy challenge of getting everyone loaded and unloaded in the pouring rain, everyone did really good. Especially the little patient. Thankfully they saw him anyway despite his pink eye diagnosis the day before. His "check-up" lasted less than 5 minutes but he got a good report and will be ready for his first cleaning this summer. 

We survived another day stuck inside due to crazy down pours but we played with lots of new Christmas gifts and kept the drama to a minimum. Terrell got home around 2:00 and we started our long weekend!

By 5:30 we were ready to head out to eat like we do almost every single year on NYE. Happy New Year from the Selph's 5!
 After coming home and getting everyone in pjs we put Layton to bed and let the big boys watch the 1st quarter of the Alabama-Michigan State game. They have been obsessed with bowl games and were especially into the college play-off games. Garrison was falling asleep before 9:00. Bless it. The only night owl in this family is daddy. 

We woke up to a cold morning on January 1st and the boys immediately put on their new robes they got for Christmas. =)

We had a lazy day around the house while Terrell worked on smoothing wood chips around the playground area. We were bummed about daddy having to work outside all day but we still enjoyed the day with lots of playing. We stayed in the basement almost all morning and then the big boys went out to help daddy a little before coming in for lunch, nap/rest time, baths, and then getting ready to head to my parents' house for a New Year's Day meal. 

My babies. In their Under Armor warm-up suits. Straight off the bus ready to play. I told Terrell we only needed 2 more boys and we'd have our very own basketball team. He declined. Haha.

After we made several pictures of them, Garrison and Austin wanted a turn taking our picture. =)

We enjoyed a delicious meal with my parents, grandparents, and the O'Mary fam. YUM. 

On Saturday morning I went shopping solo with a gift card I got for Christmas and came home with a brand new, super unique table. My original plan was to use it in our foyer area but after getting it home and rearranging things several times I decided to use it in our living room as an end table. Even though it's really different I think I'm in love. The "S" was a gift from a former student and it seems to fit well here. I'm not sure if it's perfect for the long run, but for now it works great.

The black table that used to be beside the love seat as an end table we moved to our foyer area. It just has a more formal look and it's shaped different than an end table and fit perfect in it's new space. Terrell had our favorite family picture made into a canvas for me for Christmas (LOVE), and just like that, we now have a brand new foyer. =)

I picked up the "Family" sign while I was shopping and kept the lantern with the black table. I love this little spot now. And it really helps fill up some of the bare-ness going on in our foyer/dining room area. Yay.

The boys bundled up to play outside for a little while on Saturday after the Georgia game and then Layton and I went to buy groceries before we came home and grilled out. In the cold. Haha. I don't do much cooking on the weekends so a grilled meal on a Saturday night was delish. 

We snuggled in Christmas pjs and read lots of new books before bed. 

Sunday was full of church, football, resting, and playing. 

We sure did enjoy our kick off to the New Year. 

Today it's back to work for me with Baby A coming, but the boys and I are planning to soak up the day together before school starts back for Garrison on tomorrow and for Austin on Wednesday. Have a great Monday!

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