Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites: A Week in January Edition

This week has been a pretty typical week in January. It's been cold, we've been inside lots, we're getting back into the school routine, and mama is in full blown party planning mode. The week started a little iffy but just got better and better. Yay. Here's a look at my favorite moments...

*Last Saturday afternoon the big boys braved the cold with daddy and finally got outside to try out their bows and arrows from Santa. It was a successful little lesson! I thought they both did great for their first time ever and while Austin almost froze and decided to come in early, Garrison stayed the course and really got better and better through practice. 

*Monday was a wild day. Terrell's truck wouldn't crank so he had to take Garrison to school in the suburban and then finally decided on us taking him into work late for a couple of hours before he'd have to leave for his overnight trip... and by that time there was no point in Austin going to school. So we did our own school time at home. He chose number trains... a tens train and even some skip counting. He's getting really good!

*Our little sidekick during school time. #hischeeseface

*Monday afternoon my mom kept Austin and Layton so that I could take Garrison straight to the eye doctor after school. We finally got to pick out his glasses! Adorableness!! So far he's only wearing them when he needs them. He asks for them at certain times and other times he doesn't want/need them... which is presenting a little bit of a problem. He's already forgotten his case at school once and his glasses another day. We're hoping these are lessons learned and that he becomes more and more responsible with them. 

*AnAn wore her classes to school on Tuesday for moral support and she sent me this picture of them together. =) 

*Since I didn't have Baby A on Tuesday I took Austin and Layton to Storytime at the library. The first time we'd been in forever! They did GREAT and loved learning all about polar bears.

*Family Game Night! They are still loving their new game. 

*One day I was getting ready to take a picture of Baby A to send to his mom like I do every day and Layton actually stopped and requested I take his picture!! Well of course I will! Oh that face. Cutest thing ever.

*Last school year when I was doing preschool at home with Austin I was very intentional about thematic units and working with Austin almost every single day on something "academic". This year has been totally different because he goes to school 3 days a week and I have two toddlers at home I'm trying to keep up with... who don't take morning naps anymore. Soooo... enter a mama who has slacked way off. But I'm currently seeking to remedy that. This week we rediscovered the Letter Factory and after Austin watching it twice he is remembering letter sounds left and right! Yay!!! I've been thrilled because it is TOUGH doing something with just Austin at the table. Layton becomes so high maintenance it's almost impossible. Or it's just completely miserable and not worth it. Ha. Yay for Letter Factory! 

*Me and my littles hanging out and reading books. =)

*Layton woke up with a runny nose yesterday morning and was just clingy and needing mama... so he brought me books one after another and sat in my lap and listened to me read them. Back to back to back to back. This whole entire stack. A lap to sit in and a book being read to him is a sure way to his heart. 

*I was actually able to get Layton and Baby A occupied for a stretch long enough for me and Austin to work on this Winter Sports Graph that Garrison brought home for him. Yay for graphing practice! Next up, 10 frames! (Garrison brought home an extra for Austin to practice with. Haha. Works for me! =))

*Oh, Elmo you're the funniest. =)

*A little sight word practice for all the boys in the house.... pre-bedtime for Layton, pre-bath time for the big boys. =) 

You can never start to early. Hahaha.

This week felt sort of long being our first full week back to school (that plus Garrison has his first ever project due.... why oh why oh why???), but we made it to Friday and are sooo thankful for another long weekend!! It should be full of fun plus special and sweet. Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!

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