Thursday, June 19, 2014

Big News, Big Move

***Before you read any further, just so you'll know the background and where we're coming from, read this post. It explains a LOT. Mainly why this is such a big deal.

(Of course if you know me or have read here for just about any period of time you know how important the whole moving back to the hometown is to us. VERY.)

Okay, if you read the post mentioned above, that's where we were almost 2 years ago. Starting the process of getting serious about moving. Starting the process of getting serious about a new job for Terrell. Starting the process of trying to make our way back to our hometown where we were both born and raised and where the majority of our family lives and calls home. And we were obsessing and stressing and analyzing and talking and thinking constantly. Until my revelation of course. That was a huge turning point. From that point forward I had a peace about Terrell finding a new job eventually and about us moving in time for Kindergarten. I told Terrell multiple times that as soon as we made a final decision about where Garrison would go to Kindergarten that things would fall into place and we'd be ready to move.

And that is EXACTLY what happened. We don't know exactly when we're moving, but the Selph household is most definitely MOVING!!! Back to B'ville we go!! Happydancehugshighfivestearsofjoy! God has been so faithful to us and has orchestrated every single detail. We are ecstatic over this answered prayer!

Long story short, Terrell started looking for a job around 2 years ago and in the meantime we committed to living here while we were, well, living here. We started going to church here every Sunday. We joined a Sunday School class. We started spending our weekends here. We rarely spent the night away unless it was a holiday or special occasion. Basically we gave up the whole trying to live in 2 places thing. And it was nice. And what was best for our family. Along the way Terrell had a few job leads and interviews but never anything that worked out OR that would allow us to move. Until now.

Terrell came across a job at the end of March (which was totally a God thing by the way) that he was totally qualified for, that was EXACTLY what he was looking for in a career move, and that would allow us to move back to Barnesville. It was pretty close to perfect. Immediately we got our hopes up and prayed for God to open the door for this job if it was His will. It was so exciting but also kind of scary because we both wanted it soo bad but knew that God might have other plans. After a very long-term process of interviews, phone calls, emails, prayers, and holding our breath while we waited, Terrell was officially offered the job! Happydancehugshighfivestearsofjoy! Oh how excited and happy and thrilled and overwhelmed with gratefulness we are! We just continue to praise God for how perfectly He has worked everything out!

And just like that, Terrell starts a brand new job on Monday. A job we are so excited about. And just like that we're preparing to move. After years of waiting and not knowing and having pity parties and complaining and questioning and letting go and finally accepting, WE. ARE. MOVING. Happydancehugshighfivestearsofjoy!

We would really LOVE to move right away, like next month, so Garrison can start Kindergarten in B'ville... but we'd have to find a place to rent until we sold our house. So for now we're on the hunt and praying hard! In the meantime we're purging and decluttering and getting ready for our huge yard sale/moving sale. And life has just been crazy since Terrell was officially offered and accepted the job. CRAZY. Our house is a total mess. We're packing things up, throwing things away, moving things out, and preparing to sell tons of stuff. It's been exhausting already and we aren't even moving yet. But hopefully all this hard work will pay off and our house will be "list ready" around the first of July!


Please pray for us as we make this huge transition. We still don't know where Garrison will start his first day of Kindergarten. We still don't know how long it will take to sell our house. We still don't know where we'll live in Barnesville once we finally can move. There's a lot of unknown for us right now. Which has been kind of hard... especially the part about not knowing where Garrison will start Kindergarten. BUT, God has been totally faithful to us and we know He will continue to work out the details according to His plan. We are just SO excited and SO thankful about this new opportunity that it really is all good

I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;
I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9:1


Melissa said...

Yay! So happy for y'all! I know how long you've waited for this day! Will be praying for the rest to fall into place!

Lauren and Eddie said...

The SAME thing happened to us almost exactly a year ago. We moved to middle Georgia when we got married six years ago and we were content until I had James. It was fun as newlyweds. But then we didn't have many friends, our family was all in south Georgia, our friends were all busy without us an hour and a half away. And it WASN'T far...but it was too far to just swing by. Eddie got a job offer this time last year and started on July 1st. Our house has been on the market since October and we're living in a dumpy, LITTLE rental house. BUT, we're "home." We hope to sell very, very, very soon and have a forever home here, but in the meantime I'm so much happier!