Wednesday, June 4, 2014

9 Years

This was 9 years ago today. June 4, 2005 was busy, special, happy, exhausting, exciting, emotional, unforgettable, and wonderful. A new chapter, a new life, a new home, a new "family" began that day. God continues to Author our story down to the very smallest detail and we give Him the glory. I am SO grateful for my marriage. For my husband. For our boys. Our home. Our family. What a gift and adventure the past 9 years have been.

While this marriage thing hasn't always been easy or romantic or happily ever after, it has always been a blessing. Even the tough times have turned out to be blessings. We've struggled with being almost total opposites personality wise. We've struggled with money issues, parenting issues, love language issues, and just plain ole being a grown-up is hard issues. But the one thing we've always done well is we've faced everything together as a team. We've experienced this journey as a team. We've supported one another. We've compromised with one another. We've given each other grace. We've tackled the day to day and year to year together. I've never faced anything alone in my marriage. And I am so thankful for that because I know it's a true gift.

Terrell Selph loves me well. He loves our boys well. He loves, provides, supports, and takes care of his family well. So much of marriage is about commitment. Committing to love one another even when you don't feel like it. Committing to compromise with one another even when it's hard. Committing to be unselfish and to put your spouse's needs ahead of your own lots. And Terrell does this well. I've never doubted his commitment to "us". I am beyond grateful I'm sharing my life with him. He balances me out. He makes me laugh daily. He listens to me vent. He loves me and he is committed to me. He is my very best friend. He isn't perfect by a long shot, but he is perfect for me.

Happy 9th Anniversary to my wonderful husband! I love being Team Selph with you and I'm BLESSED to share everyday with you. Now to celebrate with a special family "dessert date" tonight, an "alone date" on Friday, and a fun staycation with our littlest for the rest of the weekend. =)

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Lauren and Eddie said...

I am way, WAY behind on blog reading. I think I have 200+ posts in my Bloglovin feed. Whoops! Summer fun, huh? Happy Anniversary! NINE years?! Y'all must have been babies when you got married. I've assumed you're the same age as me all this time (and you may be...or younger!). We'll be celebrating SIX years this summer and ELEVEN years together in the fall. That seems like forever! I mentioned it was half my life and Eddie very quickly informed me that it was closer to 1/3. :)