Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Favorites: "It's been a wild one" Edition

This week has been wild for LOTS of reasons. I've been distracted and exhausted with all the yard sale prep going on... which is probably what led to a not so good week for my big boys. We've had swim lessons for Garrison everyday at 5:00 this week 30 minutes away... so a later supper, bath, and bedtime routine than we're used to. I've had to make multiple trips to various stores this week... with my little men in tow. (PS... Not fun.) There's just been a lot going on in the Selph household this week. And it's only going to get crazier. But that's okay! Because it's all good. =)

Okay, my favorites from the week...

*Garrison's swim lessons have gone great this year! It seems like he's really becoming a swimmer and it's finally clicking with him. We are sooo proud!
*A moment I captured of "toss the bean bag into the dump truck" with my big boys. Yay for being creative and playing together and NOT fighting!
*Post bath time sweetness. PRESH!
*This favorite was also challenging. I had to take all 3 boys to Garrison's swim lessons on Wednesday (on Monday and Tuesday, Terrell and I were able to tag team). Austin, Layton, and I had a whole hour on our hands while we waited. Thankfully we survived and I enjoyed my extra QT with my middle and my littlest. (Layton's face is so funny.)

*A few weeks ago, Garrison requested that we leave him a "score report" of the Braves game in his bathroom every morning so he'd know who won the game right away. He looks forward to finding out the score every single morning. I think it's such a sweet little ritual/tradition.

This weekend is going to be jam-packed for us but we're looking forward to celebrating with all the specials dads in our lives. Happy Weekend!!

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Megan said...

Awe! I love the score card!! That is too precious!