Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

We had a busy but blessed Father's Day weekend and were so thankful to spend it celebrating our dads, my PawPaw, and my hubby who is the best dad ever. My boys are BLESSED to have so many great role models in these men!

Garrison's "swim performance" was rescheduled for Saturday morning because of a thunderstorm that blew through on Friday afternoon... so we ate pancakes for breakfast and gave daddy his presents before leaving to watch Garrison swim. (He did GREAT by the way!!)

Immediately following Garrison's last swim lesson we got him dry and changed, made a quick stop at CFA to eat and so I could feed Layton, and then finally got on the road to Kara's house. We had a super fun time celebrating Father's Day and Kara's birthday with the Selph's and Reding's. And the boys loved hanging out with their cousins... and getting to play with new toys!

We turned in as early as we could Saturday night and then woke up Sunday morning ready to celebrate again. We made cinnamon rolls for daddy and got everybody ready for church and a day at Granna and Papa's. And of course we had to make some pictures. Of course. =) 

We managed a couple before church at our house...

And then a couple more after church at my parents' house....

Oh family pictures. How interesting and challenging you've become. They're still precious to me. Even if eyes are closed and someone isn't looking in like every single one. =)

Then we got a picture of my daddy/Papa with his 3 grands.
We enjoyed grilling out with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins. It's always a good time when we get together! And the boys played hard all afternoon. Playing golf is one of their new favorite things to do at Granna and Papa's. Plus riding bikes. Garrison even got to take a special bike ride with Frankie. Even though Frankie isn't a dad yet, he's a great uncle and role model for my boys and they totally adore him. My boys have some pretty special men in their lives and I know these special men will help shape the men my boys become. *Tear. I'm so grateful for them all.  

We just had a fun weekend with both our families. SO thankful for the special dads in our lives and the way they love and support their families!!

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