Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Favorites: VBS Week Edition

We have had a really great week and are kicking off our weekend early with an extra day with daddy before he starts his new job on Monday. Yay! AND, my big boys have been in Bible School all week and having so much fun! We finally found a VBS that Austin could go to with Garrison and that takes place during the day... my only 2 requirements. Check! The boys were REAL hesitant at first, but it has turned out to be a great experience for them and they haved loved it. They've learned a lot and made some fun crafts and have been singing their VBS songs. Precious.

Honestly this week of Bible School couldn't have come at a better time. I think my big boys needed this time away from home and away from mama, and I think Layton and I have enjoyed the break too. It's been a blessing for all of us.

Okay, now for my favorites from the week...

*Granna bought the movie Frozen for the boys and they discovered it this week and wanted to watch it... with a bowl of snacks of course. They ended up really liking it. =)

*Garrison requests to hold Layton LOTS and I just love how much he loves his baby brother.

*I was able to take Layton to his well-check all by myself! It was sooo nice being there just me and him and not worrying about what his big brothers were getting into and keeping them entertained and out of trouble. Clearly it was naptime for baby boy.

*My sweet big boys waking Layton up after his nap. So blessed that they are still smitten!
*I enjoyed some extra one-on-one time with this little man all week.
*After putting Layton to bed the other night, I walked out of his room to see these 3 totally immersed in the Braves game. Love.

*We enjoyed some backyard pool time and Layton even sat in the pool while we filled it up. His little lip came out a few times like he was going to cry but he decided it wasn't so bad after all.
*The big boys had a ball and played til supper was ready!

*Ready for VBS on "Disguise Day". We have been so blessed by this week of Bible School. And I'm so thankful we found one that both boys could attend during the day. What a great week for my bigs.

*Yesterday after Terrell got home from work we loaded up to head to the pool and we had the best time! Garrison did lots of swimming on his own, Austin wore his "frog" so he could actually get off the steps, and Layton stayed in the pool the whole time. Success all around! We stayed at late as we could, came home for baths, put Layton to bed, grilled supper, and ate around the boys' normal bedtime while we watched the Braves. It was such a fun summer night!

We have another super busy weekend planned but are excited about all the fun, new things we have going on. Happy Friday!!

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