Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites: New Beginnings Edition

This week marked the beginning of a brand new transition for us. The beginning of Terrell's new job and our move to B'ville. The beginning of packing up our home here and finding a new home there. We are so excited, so thrilled, SO grateful, and so exhausted. Ha! Terrell leaving before the boys wake up and getting home late every night... or not coming home at all if he spends the night in B'ville, has been a BIG adjustment for all of us. Especially for me and the boys. One or both boys have cried almost daily because they miss daddy and I've felt like my days have become like twice as long as they used to be. Haha. I'm thinking we were just a little spoiled.

But other than being exhausted and working on our massive yard sale round the clock, I also had some sweet, funny, and I'msothankfulthey'reoccupied favorite moments...

*My parents let the boys pick out something from the gift shop at the Wild Animal Safari, and the little Melissa and Doug "sticker scenes and faces" have provided TONS of table time this week for my big boys. Yay! THANKS Granna and Papa!
*Since we sent our outdoor play set home with my parents last weekend and since we can't get to any of our outside toys under the garage due to MASSIVE YARD SALE STUFF, going outside at our house this week hasn't been an option. So we went to the park instead. I loved my park time with my 3 little men.

*We were able to go visit AnAn this week and go swimming! (Layton was present but not pictured. I was actually holding him when I snapped this one.) The boys had a ball and loved having some time at AnAn's! Then we met Terrell after work to go look at more rental houses... and it looks like we found the one! Praise the Lord! It's a little older and dated and we're definitely downsizing, but it's affordable, has a great basement for storage, and just seems like the best fit for our family. We are amazed at how God is working everything out. AMAZED.
*The big boys pulled out some toys they haven't played with in a while. And these toys have occupied them lots this week! It seems like they went through a stretch of not really playing with toys, but then all of a sudden this week they started back.

*My baby boy is rolling over all the time now. He learned how to roll from his back to his stomach and that has interrupted our sleeping through the night a little... and means he doesn't stay put when I put him down on his play mat. Then, he learned this new trick. He decided to try to roll over in his swing! I was standing right beside him watching and laughing. Needless to say, baby boy has to be strapped in now.

We are looking forward to getting our yard sale over and done with this weekend. Then it's time to focus on listing the house, cleaning the house, and packing up the house! Happy Weekend!!

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Megan said...

Yay, yay, and YAY! So excited for yall! Where is the rental? Good luck on your yard sell and getting yall's stuff packed and moved!!