Thursday, June 5, 2014

Friday Favorites... A Little Early

Tomorrow our annual "anniversary weekend" celebration begins, so I thought I'd go ahead and post my favorites from the week tonight. Even though I don't know how long I'll keep this up, I'm enjoying the accountability that's come from it. It's making me slow down and causing to me to be intentional about noticing and documenting my favorites from every week. Here's this week's...

*Storytime on the couch with my big boys and our favorite cat. =)

*The boys loved this little pom pom sorting activity we did at the table this week. They sorted by small, medium, and large and Garrison was able to use a clothespin for most of his sorting. Austin tried the clothespin and the tongs but ended up just using his fingers. The sorting part was definitely more age appropriate and challenging for Austin, but Garrison was able to do some critical thinking after he sorted... counting to high numbers and then figuring out how and why the most full cup had the least amount and least full cup had the most amount. I love teaching them and the way they love to learn.  

*Layton was fussy one morning while I cleaned up from breakfast so his big brothers sang their classic song to him. Don't cry little Layton, your big brothers are here. Repeat 10 times. Ha. Just precious.

*We finally made to it Chick-fil-A without daddy! We had some drama before we left the house but once we arrived it was just about the most successful outing ever.
Even this sweet boy really enjoyed himself.

*Celebrating our anniversary as family with a date for dessert last night. Since I've had to cut out all dairy we decided on Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins so I could have donuts and the boys could have ice cream. Yum-O. It was a sweet, fun, delicious way to celebrate!

*My baby boy slept through the night again last night! And this is how I found him this morning. One little hand had escaped his swaddle and he was sucking on 2 of his fingers. He's my first baby to ever do this. So sweet. I'm wondering if his little finger sucking will last or not... he may or may not keep needing the paci.

Terrell and I have another anniversary staycation planned this weekend. Back in 2012 when we did this we said we'd never do it again. Never say never I guess. Haha. Since I'm Layton's source of food I couldn't be away from him for the whole weekend... plus we didn't exactly have the extra money for a big trip lying around. So a staycation it is. We do have a fun date planned ALONE tomorrow before our big boys head out with my parents. Our anniversary weekend has also quickly become "A super fun weekend with Granna and Papa" tradition for our boys. They are SO excited. We're pretty excited too. I just hope this staycation isn't a bust like our last one. Happy early weekend!!

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