Monday, June 9, 2014

Anniversary Weekend 2014

This weekend Terrell and I celebrated our 9th anniversary with our annual "anniversary weekend celebration/get-away". We look forward to it every year. It's always nice to have a weekend alone to reconnect, go on dates, talk, sleep late, etc. It's the perfect way to celebrate.

Well this year's weekend was just a little different because of our baby boy being just 3 months old and the fact that he needs me to provide his nourishment. So we planned things accordingly. We opted not to travel. Instead we went out on a date all by ourselves on Friday afternoon. We told our big boys bye Friday evening as they spent the rest of the weekend with my parents. Then we planned a staycation for us and our littlest man on Saturday and Sunday. It wasn't a get-away. It wasn't glamorous. It wasn't even just us. But it was special. And relaxing. And fun. And restful. And just about everything we wanted it to be. Staycation success accomplished. Yes!

My parents came over Friday around lunch time to keep all 3 boys while Terrell and I went to the movies and out to eat. We saw Blended with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. It was really cute! I laughed a lot and really related to Drew Barrymore's character... she had boys and was a very "safety first" mom. Haha. I thought it was a great date movie.

*Just a side note... Terrell and I have determined that since we only go to the movies like twice a year, with one of those times being in June around our anniversary, that June just isn't the month for movies. We had like zero choices. Thankfully Blended came through. At least for me. =)

After the movie we stopped by Old Navy and then went out for an early dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant here. And I even found something on the menu without cheese. My meal was delish. We loved having a nice, quiet, uninterrupted, stress-free dinner.

Unfortunately while we were eating a massive thunderstorm blew through... the lights flickered at the restaurant and everything. Then we got SOAKED getting into the car. Oh memories. Thankfully we were heading home.
After we got home and it finally stopped POURING, the big boys loaded up with my parents and got ready for their fun weekend away. And then like I do every single year I had my moment of anxiety over them being away for a whole weekend. I have issues. I admit it. I think it's a control thing. Sigh.
Anyway, we had a fun Friday night. We got dessert from Chick fil A and then rented a movie (which is super rare for us) and just enjoyed staying up late together. Layton slept through the night again (baby boy is on a roll!) then we slept late Saturday morning... and it was glorious. =)

We went out for a late breakfast date after we took our time getting ready. So fun! (It's also rare for us to go out to breakfast. We just don't get out much I guess. Haha!) After our delicious breakfast we came home so I could feed Layton before spending the rest of our day Father's Day shopping. Layton did great and we had a fun afternoon together.
We went out to eat again on Saturday night and our baby boy just wasn't a fan. Poor baby was over his date with mama and daddy. Plus his witching hour just so happens to come around supper time every single night. So for the first time ever Terrell walked him around while I finished eating and then I took him to the car early. Bless his heart. And ours.
Saturday night was soooo lazy. Ahhh. Terrell put Layton to bed and I may have fallen asleep before 9:00. I slept like 10 hours Saturday night. SO nice.

Then Sunday was just relaxing. We slept late and then we watched another movie Sunday morning in our pj's while Layton took his morning nap. We hung out with our baby boy. We talked about ideas for where to go to celebrate our 10 year anniversary next year. We talked about the future. We talked about the kiddos. We took a short nap. It was just restful and relaxing. We originally thought about spending the day at the pool but decided against it after we slept late and watched our movie. Plus going to the pool with Layton would be a lot different than going alone. But Sunday turned out perfect.

And my big boys had a ball with Granna and Papa. They went to a mini amusement park and rode rides and played putt putt. They rode their bikes, fed the fish, and played golf outside at Granna and Papa's house. They got to to go to church and have lunch with extended family. They just had a really great weekend. When I asked Garrison his favorite part he named off a few things before saying Mama the whole time was fun. Yay.

We were reunited as a family of 5 last night when we met up with my parents and AnAn and Frankie half way to have supper together. The boys were soooo happy to see us and gave us big long hugs! They actually missed us. And we missed them too. Of course Austin didn't want to leave with us when we left because he wanted to move in with Granna and Papa. And of course we had meltdowns as soon as we got home because they were exhausted... and missing Granna and Papa. And just like that loudness, wildness, and fighting returned to our home. Haha.
We are SO thankful for our fun anniversary weekend and to be back together as a family of 5. THANK YOU to Granna and Papa for our anniversary gift and for keeping the oldest grands this weekend!!

*And big, big THANKS to our sweet and talented brother-in-law for working so hard on our car all week on his own time to make sure we have nice cold air conditioning this summer!! That was another reunion we were so thankful for last night! Such a blessing!!

Now that we've celebrated our anniversary... we're on countdown to the beach! 33 days..... =) 

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