Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend of Play & Work

What a weekend we had! It was filled full of playing hard and working hard. We crammed a lot in and are WORN OUT. But it was fun and productive and totally worth it.

On Terrell's day off before starting his brand new job, we spent the afternoon at the pool. And my biggest swam and swam. YAY!!
Austin still hangs out a lot on the steps but he's venturing out more and more.
And Layton has been totally chill in the pool lately. He just hangs out.
After a fun afternoon at the pool we decided to go out to the boys' favorite restaurant for supper. Stevi B's will be missed BIG TIME by my boys when we move. We wrapped up the night by watching the Braves. Another fun summer night!
Saturday morning we were up bright and early in the hometown searching for a house to rent. HUGE thanks to my father-in-law/real estate agent for working sooo hard to help us find a place fast. So far we haven't really found what we want and have decided to hold out for something better. We know we'll have to make some sacrifices but we also want to feel like we're home in the rental house... because it may be home to us for a whole year. While it's tempting to feel a little stressed and rushed we are trusting God and know he has it all worked out.
After rental house hunting we dropped Layton off with my in-laws and went with my parents and the big boys to the Wild Animal Safari. My parents discovered it and we all took Garrison when he was 2, so this was Austin's turn to experience it. His reaction to the animals was so similar to Garrison's. He had us cracking up.
Ready for our safari!

This is what Austin thought of an animal sticking his head in our window for the first time! He climbed behind Terrell and was going up his back and planning his escape. Ha! He liked the animals from a distance... or from someone else's window. =)

This was one of the funniest moments we had because we were surrounded and there was an animal IN THE CAR window on both sides at the same time. And their breath was pretty severe. Yuck. Haha!

It was hot and we were sweaty and stinky but we had such a good time and loved seeing the big boys experience the safari. Thanks to Granna and Papa for a yummy picnic lunch and making sure our boys experience the fun... and stinky, smelly, bad breath animals. =)

Saturday night we were exhausted from our looong day and all the driving we did, so we slept late (aka, let the boys wake us up) Sunday morning, and then we prepared for the whole fam to come over and help us get ready for our massive yard sale. I didn't get any pictures because we were pretty much working non-stop, but I am convinced we held on to too much for too long. 9 years worth of STUFF we don't need, want, or use anymore piles up fast. I am also convinced we have THE most supportive family ever. My parents, Terrell's parents, and my sister and her husband all came over to help us sort, organize, price, keep up with kids, etc. We got a LOT accomplished and are just about ready for the big sale. My garage is totally full, wall to wall, with yard sale items. It. Is. Crazy. Gracious. We can't thank everybody enough for all of their help and hard work. I'd hate to see the mess we'd have on our hands without everyone's team effort yesterday in the sweltering heat. "Operation: Move The Selph's to Barnesville" is underway... and exhausting for all involved.

*This week starts a brand new normal for us as Terrell commutes far away everyday and isn't just 5 minutes away and available when we need him and making breakfast in the mornings and dropping by for lunch a few times a week. We're on our own from 6:30 to 6:30 until we move. Let the transition and adjustment begin!

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Lauren and Eddie said...

Where is the animal safari? That looks fun! Good luck on the new venture! It will be great!