Monday, March 14, 2011

Really Rough Week, Really Great Weekend

Last week was rough for all of us. Terrell worked lots of hours, the most he's ever worked I think... so many they decided to give him the day off Friday if he would stay on stand-by and keep his phone close. I tried to have a good attitude, but all those hours he was away took it's toll on me. Terrell had to be in Elberton every day which meant he had to leave every morning before Garrison and I woke up and he didn't get home until after supper. I think we all got to eat together on Monday, but every other night he wasn't home until almost 7:00 (or much later one night) which is when Garrison's bathtime and bedtime routine starts. I had moments throughout the week of being understanding and supportive, and then I had moments of complaining and being ill and feeling sorry for myself because I didn't have any help with Garrison. I'm not proud of those not-so supportive moments, but thankfully I have a really understanding husband. My favorite part of the week was Thursday morning when I was feeling extra sick and trying to get Garrison ready for school. When I eventually did go to the bathroom to get sick, Garrison tried to tear down the door having a fit to come in. All the banging and yelling "MAMA!! MAAAMA!" just made me feel worse, so I let him in with me... yuck.

I think I realized a couple of things this past week... #1. I am definitely spoiled. I'm so used to having Terrell work the regular 8:00/9:00-5:00 hours at least a few days a week that I completely take it for granted. I'm also used to him being able to take a lunch break at home a couple of days a week. And, when he's working in Social Circle, I can pretty much call him anytime if I need him. I try not to call, but if I need to ask him something really quick he can usually always answer or at least call me right back. When he's in Elberton, he can't really answer the phone or give me a call unless he's on his lunch break. That was really hard for me this week. Just knowing he was two hours away and wasn't available to talk made things tough on me. The second thing I realized this week is that I depend on Terrell for a lot. Not just help with Garrison, but help with supper/cleaning up the dishes, his listening ear at the end of the day, him taking care of little chores when I'm not feeling well, help with taking Bailey out, etc. I was forced to be independent while he was working so much, which was good and bad. It was good because I learned that you do what you have to do when you have to do it, and I was fully capable of it all by myself. But the bad part was that I didn't enjoy having all the responsiblity on me and would much rather be dependent than independent I think.

Anyway, on to the really great weekend. First of all Terrell had the day off Friday so we were able to take care of some errands together and get Garrison's matress for his new bed. After Garrison's nap that afternoon we headed home to Barnesville to spend the weekend with family. We grilled hamburgers with my parents and sister and enjoyed a relaxing Friday night together. Saturday we all woke up and went over to the Wild Animal Safari at Pine Mountain. We took a picnic lunch and had the best time!

Garrison getting ready for his 1st ever picnic lunch

Finishing up lunch. The little man took his time and was the last one to leave the table.

Our ride for the safari... An old, beat up, zebra striped mini van!

Getting ready to go see the animals

Daddy drove us and Anna sat in the front with him, while Terrell and I sat in the middle and mama held Garrison in the back. The seating arrangement worked out great for everyone I think. Garrison didn't have to be too close to the animals sticking their heads through the front windows and we could all turn around and get pictures of him.

This picture was taken at the very start of the safari. A really big cow or mix of a cow and buffalo stuck his head right inside Anna's window looking for food... and at first Garrison seemed amused.

After Anna and I start screaming and hollering at the sight of this and Terrell and daddy start being loud and laughing, the little man got a tad bit scared. Bless his heart, he probably thought we were being attacked or something.

After we made our way through the initial group of animals that tried to get in the car with us, Garrison kept his distance for little bit.

It didn't take long though before he was ready to throw out food to the animals and watch them eat.

A lot of the animals would just put their heads in and open their mouths and wait for you to throw a piece of food in... Terrell got this hilarious picture.

Here is an ostrich coming in my window... It was a little evil looking. Terrell was actually brave enough to let it eat out of the palm of his hand.

I loved the zebras. They didn't seem quite as greedy or demanding as some of the other animals. We actually had a cow at the start of the safari that followed us and followed us and at one point starting running to keep up with us. It was so funny!

Having fun and ready to throw out more food

After we finished the safari part, which took over an hour, we got out and went to the gift shop and then the "zoo" part where you could just walk around and see different animals. Garrison seemed to really like both parts. Once he got over the initial shock of animals trying to get in the car, he loved the safari and throwing food. He kept calling the animals by name and making the sounds they make. And he seemed to enjoy the zoo part because he could see the animals up close but they were all safely caged behind something. =)

Our family standing in front of the entrance

We had such a great time and owe a big thank you to Granna and Papa for treating us to a super fun, wild safari and picnic lunch! Once we changed Garrison's diaper and all got something to drink, we got in the car to head home. The little man was asleep in about 5 minutes and slept all the way home. I have a cute picture of him sleeping in his car seat that I guess I accidentially deleted from this post because it isn't here anymore. Oh well. When we got to Barnesville we went straight to Terrell's parents' house because his dad had finished Garrison's big boy bed and wanted us to see it. It turned out perfect and we fell in love. We were so excited to see the finished product! After we left there we went back to my parents to change Garrison's clothes and unload the car before meeting Terrell's parents at Slices for supper. Afterwards, Terrell and his dad took the bed apart and loaded it up so it would be ready to go to Covington after church the next day. =)

Sunday morning I woke up with major allergies and Garrison had similar symptons. We weren't feeling our best but were determined to go to church since we're pretty sure we won't be back at church in Barnesville until Easter Sunday. Thankfully my mom was able to stay in the nursery with Garrison and keep his runny nose from getting all over everything. After church we immediately got ready to head to Covington and get the little man down for his nap before Terrell's parents arrived with the bed! Garrison took a really good, long nap while Terrell and his dad installed the ceiling fan, put together Garrison's new dresser, and got the bed inside and set up.

Garrison sitting on his new bed for the first time. =) He loved it and when we asked whose bed it was he said, "Garrsin bed".

A few minutes later we threw the comforters on on top of the matresses just for pictures and to get a preview of how the bed will look really soon. We absolutely love this bed and it's super special since Terrell's dad helped design it and make it after one I picked out from Pottery Barn. Everything about it turned out perfect and we're hoping the little man will get to try it out this week. I still have lots more decorating to do, things to hang on the walls, Garrison's clothes to move, etc. but the bed is ready to go so we're going to get ready to try it out! Huge thanks to Pops for all his hard work on the bed, plus installing a really difficult ceiling fan! We are so appreciative for all of your contributions to Garrison's big boy room!

Even though last week was really rough, last weekend was really great and it's all thanks to Garrison's extra special grandparents!!

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