Thursday, March 3, 2011

Garrison's Famous Sayings

Garrison has been talking a lot for a while now, but recently I've noticed how he has a few favorite "phrases" that he likes to say quite often throughout the day. I started writing them down yesterday because I just don't want to forget them... so of course they had to make it to the blog because that's the safe way to guarantee that I won't forget them or lose them.

By far the most popular right now has to be "Garrsin do it!" I probably get to hear this 10 times a day. He's not ugly about it (although he can be demanding when he wants to be) but he just insists that "Garrsin do it" and usually likes to say it a little loud. Most of the time it works out to my advantage because if I'm asking him to do something and he's stalling or not listening I just say, "okay, I'll do it" or "I guess mama will do it" and that gets him every time because it's always immediately followed by, "Garrsin do it!". =)

Another famous saying is "Read mama, read mama". He loves being read to (which I am quite thrilled about) but during the day he typically wants me to read to him while I'm changing his diaper, or getting him dressed, or making his breakfast, or driving in the car. I hear this over and over again. He is very persistent and most of the time I do attempt to read to him even though I'm doing something else.... except when I'm driving.

One of my personal favorites is "Silly _____ " ususally it's "Silly mama, or silly daddy, or silly Bailey. He sounds so cute saying it. Most of the time he's just done something silly and we've said it to him so then he says it back to us.

Another one he says almost every day is "Watch Elmo". He usually says it around breakfast or lunch so typically he gets to watch some of it when he's done eating. We try not to let him watch TV during meals. It's a bad habit I'd like to prevent and he has watched "Elmo", also known as Sesame Street, during snack time before and it took him forever to finish eating.

A really funny one he says is "Hush Bailey, Hush!" Clearly this is one he picked up from Terrell and I. He says it almost every single time she barks. He loves to run over to the front door where Bailey is looking out the window and shoo her away from the door saying, hush Bailey, hush! Bailey actually repsonds better to him sometimes than she does to us!

And finally, a most famous quote at mealtimes, "More ______" most of the time he says "more bread, more bread, more bread until we acknowledge him and give him more or explain that he has to eat something else on his plate first. But he's also been known to say, "more fruit... more cheese... more green beans". He really does love to eat. Even though we have seen a slight decrease in his appetite lately, he still can't get enough bread and fruit.

Here is my handsome, talkative little man yesterday before we got started on our walk. He requested to take his sunglasses outside since I had mine on. I started pulling him down the driveway and turned around to see him wearing his. =) They wouldn't stay on his face good but that didn't stop him from wearing them most of our walk.

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