Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Long Weekend of Happy

We had a really great long weekend full of happy, family fun. It was one of the best. And we were blessed to all have Monday off together which was just icing on the cake after our week without daddy. We do not take him for granted!

Our Friday night was low-key and laid back. The big boys enjoyed their traditional Friday night movie night before bedtime and then Terrell and I caught up on our shows. There are just some shows you have to watch together. State of Affairs, Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five-O, Scorpion just to name a few. We are almost completely caught up. =)

On Saturday we let the boys sleep in before getting on the road to our old stomping ground. We made the trip to Covington and Conyers to take care of some birthday party needs and then ate lunch at one of our favorites... Stevi B's! It was a treat for all of us, especially these cuties.

We also made a stop by our house to check on things. Everything still looked good (Praise the Lord) and the big boys loved running around with no furniture in their way. Austin even said once, Garr-sin, let's go to our room! *Tear* It was kind of strange being back in the place we called home for almost 8 years. It was nostalgic for sure. But it was a good little road trip with very little backseat drama. Success!

Then on Saturday night we went out to celebrate my Nanny's 80th birthday! She is one special lady and we had a fun night celebrating with her. We got a big room at a restaurant and then went to my parents' house for cake, ice cream, and presents afterwards.

Guest of honor while we sang Happy Birthday. 

My Nanny with her firstborn (my dad) and his family. =)

Sunday was filled with church, napping, grocery shopping, and grilling out. It was pretty perfect. And while we were at my parents' house grilling out, Layton had a major blow-out diaper that required a little bubble bath in the bathroom sink. Ha! He was less than impressed. His face in the mirror cracks me up!

Monday was the best. We all slept late. We enjoyed a lazy morning around the house. And then we went to the park for a picnic! Once the wind stopped trying to blow us away the weather was perfect. We had so much fun!
First time swinging! He was a fan. =)
The big boys had a ball too. Free fun is sometimes the best fun. 

Layton and I even got to watch the big boys play baseball with daddy. They loved every second! Which makes me so excited to watch them play this Spring. 

Our long weekend was filled to the brim with HAPPY. We had lots of fun together as a family and just enjoyed all 3 days to the fullest. God's goodness overflows!

Today, we're back to the routine and party planning and the 100th day of school. =) Have a good Tuesday!

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