Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Thank You!

It's time for my 4th annual thank you post to our families for blessing our babies big time with such fun gifts for Christmas! Plus cute pictures of our little men with said gifts. Our way to say a big, huge THANK YOU to everybody. Not only did our families host us, feed us, and entertain us over Christmas, they also spoiled us. Mama and daddy included! Although this post is all about what the boys got. =) Our kiddos have enjoyed every single gift. Christmas present success all around!

And I have to say, this year seemed to be the perfect mix of fun, educational, and needed when it came to their gifts. Woohoo! Here's a look at the boys with lots of their fun new stuff...

One of Garrison's "wish list" items was a dress-up box with dress-up clothes. Superheros were a must! And Optimus Prime was a nice addition too. My big boys are dressing up all the time now. They love their box of clothes and love dressing up, rescuing people, putting out fires, and fighting bad guys. =)
Layton is enjoying all of his new toys (and clothes!) too. Right now, dumping out his "shape box" and sampling every shape is one of his favorite things to do.
The boys got a design and drill set plus a take-apart airplane that they have really enjoyed and played with lots. The drills work on both toys so they play with and work on them together... the perfect engaging, sitting still but still playing, activity! 
Garrison asked for real tools this year. So he got a little beginners tool set from Lowe's. He's ready to work on things and fix any problem that arises around here. =)
Layton got the perfect addition to his highchair! Baby boy is super demanding come mealtimes but this offers a fun distraction and buys mama and daddy a little time. Win-win!
The weather hasn't been very cooperative when it comes to getting outside and using our outdoor toys, but we have gotten out once or twice and these "stomp rockets" have been a huge hit. I know we'll use these lots in the future. Probably until they fall apart. Haha. The boys love them.

All 3 boys got brand new Bibles for Christmas and we read from them just about every single day. The big boys love them. They read/look at them all the time and have learned so, so much from them. In the picture below I actually caught them reading the story of David and Goliath to each other. It was so sweet. I totally melted. (We have the Beginners Bible and are huge fans. The stories are short and simple but still true to Scripture and very engaging and understanding for the ages of our kiddos. I love the Jesus Storybook Bible too but think it's a little too advanced right now.)
Layton's getting the hang of his little pop-up toy and loving it. =)
More dress-up... Firefighter Garrison!
And firefighter Austin! With motorcylce Wheeljack! The cuteness overflows. =)
Layton and his pull toy that he'll be able to pull around soon enough. =) For now he's content to try... or watch a big brother do it.
Hotwheels racetraks are all the rave. All but one are in the basement and the big boys keep them busy. We are swimming in cars around here. =)
Austin got a Leapfrog leapster this year and it's been perfect for him. He loves the games and I love the educational value. Garrison is a big fan too. Love it when siblings can share gifts!
More dress-up... My favorite superheroes around! They are in their element and down to business as soon as they put on the mask. =)
Two more items that aren't pictured but that I must mention are Garrison's vtech kidizoom watch which he is a huge fan of and the big boys' REAL golf clubs which they are soo excited about. And they all loaded up on clothes which is such a blessing for mama and daddy!
Big THANK YOU once again to the grandparents and aunts and uncles for being so generous to our boys and spoiling them good! Christmas fun continues for the Selph fam!

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