Thursday, January 29, 2015

Countdown to Party Time

This week has been a strange combo of slow and boring and crazy busy. The weirdest combination possible. Ha. There's the fact that I just left the house for the first time all week on last night... and then there's the fact that I've been busily wrapping up all of the last minute details for the big 6th birthday bash we have on Saturday. A strange combo for sure.

Terrell has been gone most of the week... til he got to come home early on yesterday. (Yay!! We are soo thankful to have daddy back home!!) So Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Austin, Layton, and I didn't leave the house. We've had Baby A here this week and have been home just doing our normal thing. And since it's been pretty cold we haven't even been outside to play. We've literally not seen much of the outside world, at all, since Sunday. So that's made the week seem slow and boring and like there's not much happening.

However, enter last minute party prep and I've been off the chain busy during naptime and after the boys are in bed every night. Add to that being on my own til last night and the week has felt anything but boring.

But alas, busy or boring we are on countdown to party time. Woohoo!

Garrison has had a bit of "controlled excitement" when it comes to his party. Almost like he's happy about it and nervous about it all at the same time. Haha. Our biggest boy can be very indecisive like his mama so his birthday parties tend to be a little more last minute (that and the fact that it's about 6 weeks after Christmas) and a lot more big deal when it comes to me wanting things to be just right for him and his special day. Hopefully he will LOVE his party and have the best time celebrating with all of his little friends and closest family.

Today I'm making one last run to pick up anything we've forgotten or any last minute party needs. I'm also shopping for his actual birthday and Valentine's Day. And of course if I see or think of anything I'll need for Layton's party I'll go ahead and grab that too. This time of year may become our busiest ever. For real. Thankfully we have no evening commitments this time of year and for the most part "home life" is super laid back and low-key. Thank you Jesus. Because even though we looove Christmastime and I looove planning my babies' parties, I think I might go crazy if we were busy every night in the midst of the party prep which comes on strong immediately following Christmas. Whew! It feels like a marathon that we're running in a sprint. Haha.

Given that this week has been a whole lot of nothing except party prep and me pulling double duty without my hubs, I haven't been very intentional about making pictures and have just about nothing to offer for Friday Favorites. So. Guess I'll be back after the party with a recap. In the meantime, we are T-minus 2 days away and mama still has some masks to assemble, a skyline to organize, a present to wrap, and more ice cream to buy. =) Time to get going!

Happy almost Friday!

*Quick car update... Our Jeep was officially totaled by the insurance company on Tuesday and we are thankfully getting a good, fair price for it. We're hoping to at least get to look for our new family car at some point this weekend. More than likely we won't be ready/able to purchase this weekend because of limited dealerships being open on Saturday afternoons/evenings and Sundays, but if we could at least look and confirm our choice in person instead of just on paper, we'll be ready to purchase soon afterwards. By the way... we're getting a bus. A Surburban or Yukon XL. =) And we so ready for all that glorious space! Driving with 3 babies 3 in a row in the backseat for almost an entire year has been a big ole challenge... with a side of headache. Ha! So we are sooo excited about our new family car and grateful for God's provisions!

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