Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites: 1 Week Down, 1 Week to Go

We made it to Friday! TGIF!! Whew! This week was a long one with my hubby out of town. Pulling double duty around the clock is a tad exhausting... especially when you aren't used to it. And especially when your baby boy decides not to sleep through the night. Thankfully I knew we'd be fine because we survived this past Fall and I always have lots of help. Thank goodness. But there's just no replacing daddy and what he does for us around here. I am BLESSED.

Both sets of grandparents took us out to eat this week and helped with getting the boys where they needed to go while I was working and Terrell was gone, and I was able to keep my head above water for the most part. Unfortunately the grandparents also got to witness the crazy that occurs when mama doesn't want to cause a scene and daddy isn't here. Ugh. Too bad they can't be a fly on the wall when things are normal around here. I mean our normal is always a little crazy, but at least with daddy home it's a shared crazy. A team crazy. A controlled crazy. Oh how I missed him!! But now he's home and our family of five is enjoying being under the same roof again. We get a whole week with daddy at home before he leaves for his last and final week of training. Yaaaay! We've almost made it!

Here are my favorite moments from my week on my own...

*We went out to eat at one of Terrell's favorite restaurants on Saturday night. Yum. While we were there AnAn got these cute pictures. We had a really fun night.

*Monday morning selfie before hitting the road. *Tear*

*Before he left he had time to play a couple of games of Zingo with Austin. Countless games of Zingo and Memory and Don't Break the Ice have been played this week.

*This week for school Austin and I focused on the clouds. And it was the perfect week given we've seen nothing but clouds here. We read a good book explaining clouds and then did a little experiment to demonstrate water droplets becoming heavy and falling from the clouds as rain. We also made some clouds using "puffy" paint... glue and shaving cream. =) Austin loved our school time this week.

*Me and my boys before heading out to eat with Nana and Pops. We decided to send this to daddy. =) We missed him big time. For some reason this week was harder on my biggest boy than his previous weeks away. We had tears and anxiety and had to talk to daddy lots while he was out of town.

*Impromptu movie night on a school night! It technically wasn't a movie but it was still a big time treat on a school night. This is called mama doing what she had to do.
*I enjoyed a good hour of one-on-one time with this little love on Wednesday while the big boys were at choir. It was quiet and special and needed!

*Favorite not-pictured moments: DADDY COMING HOME!!! And, Garrison reading to us 2 nights in a row before bed. He finally checked out a book from the library at school that he's capable of reading to us. He's doing great and it's such good practice for him. I loved every minute of listening to him. Especially last night when all 5 of us piled on the couch together to listen. Pure bliss for this mama.

Now we are so, so, soo looking forward to the long weekend and extra time with daddy! We're planning to get lots of party stuff done, celebrating my Nanny's 80th birthday, and enjoying lots of family time. Happy Friday and Happy Long Weekend!

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