Monday, January 26, 2015

Eventful Weekend

We had ourselves a pretty eventful weekend.... with some events being planned and some not. A mix of fun, scary, frustrating, and normal took place. But overall it was good. And above all we are thankful. God's protection and provision are never failing.

We kicked things off on Friday afternoon with Terrell getting off early (yay!) and then me enjoying a girls night (double yay!). Friday night was SO fun! Just 3 mamas hanging out, talking, sharing, laughing, and eating good food. =) We had the best time. And I'm so thankful for my friendship with these 2 special ladies and how we're being intentional about planning girls nights. I think every other month might be a good pattern to follow! And I'm especially thankful for the understanding fathers of our children. They're good dads and husbands. =)

Saturday morning we tried sleeping late but at some point during the night the night light in the big boys' room went out and so when one of them woke up at the crack of dawn to a pitch black room, he was scared and couldn't go back to sleep... and therefore woke up his brother. So, since we were up earlier than normal for a Saturday we decided that Terrell would go and get breakfast for everyone. Something we rarely do by the way. On Terrell's way back home from getting our breakfast, he was involved in an accident. We are praising God that he is totally okay and unscratched! The accident wasn't his fault... in fact he was stopped when an accident that occurred in front of him made it's way over to him in a matter of seconds. Even though it scared us all and of course we wish it wouldn't have happened, we are just so thankful God protected Terrell from being harmed in any way!

Our family car, however, did not go unharmed. It was pretty beat up.

Because the Jeep was 10 years old and the damage was somewhat significant, we are expecting it to be totaled. We won't know for sure until tomorrow. The timing has been a little frustrating because we were planning to upgrade vehicles soon but not until a few more things fell into place. We are however, (and have been for a while now) desperate for a bigger car. So we're excited to finally get one. Soon we hope!

In the meantime, we're able to use my mom's car... affectionately known as "The Cop Car". Ha!
While carseats are crammed in the backseat and it isn't easy getting everybody in and out, it's a huge blessing to have the cop car until we can get a new one. We aren't having to rent a car or go without until ours can be replaced so we are super thankful for that. And most importantly that Terrell is okay and that what was hurt in the accident is replaceable!

The remainder of Saturday was spent talking to the insurance company and researching new cars and stressing out over not having our own family car for what could be multiple weeks. I may or may not have had a mini pity party until I remembered to count my blessings. Sigh.

On a funny note, Layton learned a new trick... how to take a tumble into one of his big brothers' toy bins. Haha! After got inside he wasn't that impressed with his trick. 
We did finally get out on Saturday afternoon to take care of some last minute party prep and to buy groceries and go out to eat. It was a pretty fun outing for the whole fam.

Sunday was good. Church was good. The weather was good (if you don't count the crazy wind). And supper was good. I actually cooked last night! Something I never do on Sunday nights. Terrell left for his last training this morning so he got a good meal before having to eat out all week and now the boys and I will have some leftovers for today and tomorrow. A win, win!

This weekend was way more eventful that we expected but God has been faithful to protect and provide and we are sooo thankful. Happy Monday!

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